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Steam’s ‘Big Picture Mode’ Is Going To Change PC Gaming Forever

9 years ago tomorrow Steam was released. It revolutionized PC gaming. Well just released by Steam is something else that is going to revolutionize the PC gaming industry once more. It’s called “Big Picture Mode”. Anywhere you use Steam, you can use it on your TV. Hook up your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable, your laptop, whatever. And use the all new BPM interface. Hook up a controller and play just like you would off a console. A lot of people were expecting a “Steambox” or Steam to release a console, but it looks like this is what they were planning all along. And it’s awesome. I’m not 100 percent sure how good it all works but I’m about to start downloading it and testing it out from my laptop. If you want to try it, it’s currently in Beta, head HERE to find out how to get in. Check out the video below, I’ll report back soon.



  • sweetooth

    Why would you need steam to hook up your PC or laptop to a TV? All you need is video out of some kind. I have my laptop playing on my 58″ plasma right now, sans Steam…

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      It’s basically incredibly streamlined. Formatted to fit your tv perfectly, it’s supposed to make the whole process easier than it already is.

    • ReplicA

      They don’t mean, “use steam to hook up your computer to your tv”. You can do that already, like you are now. But with the new steam, you can do a LOT more. And apparently, you’re not locked in to just mouse and keyboard anymore either, which kicks fucking ass!! Also, they’re not kidding about having the best prices on games ANYWHERE.

      I’m PSYCHED about this news. I can’t wait to see what they have to offer. Steam is amazing to begin with, but if I can play my PC games on my tv, or buy the pc version with better graphics, and sound, and play that on my tv? Oh hellz yes!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Damn it, I really gotta get a good computer soon haha.

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