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Pat Healy And Sara Paxton Hook Up For Some ‘Cheap Thrills’

Innkeepers co-stars Pat Healy and Sara Paxton will be sharing the screen again in Cheap Thrills, the directorial debut from screenwriter E.L. Katz. David Koechner, Ethan Embry and Amanda Fuller also star. The script was written by Trent Haaga, who wrote Deadgirl.

The film tells “the story of a new father facing eviction who is reunited with a high school friend when a wealthy couple challenges them to the ultimate game of dare, testing the limits of physical pain and morality in exchange for cash.

Cheap Thrills is being produced by Travis Stevens of Snowfort Pictures and alongside Gabriel Cowan and John Suits of New Artists Alliance.



  • Aaron Emery

    The chemistry between these two in The Innkeepers was phenomenal. This is really exciting!

  • marioncrane

    They are very cute / quirky together– looking forward to seeing them again. 🙂

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