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Former Leatherface Andrew Bryniarski Determined To Clear His Name In Animal Cruelty Case

The grotesque and disgusting ghouls at TMZ have a follow-up to yesterday’s shocker, which alleged that Andrew Bryniarski (who played the new Leatherface in the 2003 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and its sequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) and his girlfriend, Jennifer Abram, were arrested Saturday on suspicion of animal cruelty for allegedly hoarding 25 dogs in their Santa Monica mobile home.

Bryniarski let the trash show inside his RV to show the world…his mobile home is well-stocked to care for 25 dogs — but the problem is he’s trying to prove it 4 days too late. Andrew invited the camera crew into the RV on Wednesday in an effort to show us cops had it all wrong — and in the video the place is stocked with water, food, and other pet care essentials. Their camera guy also swears the RV does NOT smell like pee.

The site reports that, of course, Andrew was arrested Saturday night … so it’s entirely possible he cleaned the RV and bought a bunch of supplies after the fact. Andrew insists he’s legit … telling them he purchased the RV from a local dog rescue to launch a mobile adoption center, and — for what it’s worth — the rescue confirmed his story when called.

Video below.




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