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[Indie Horror Spotlight] Watch Adam Play The Slender-Inspired ‘Survivers’

A few weeks ago I took a look at the intensely creepy survival horror mod Grey. That was a great game. Tonight I decided to check out a horror game that’s still very early in development. On paper, it sounds promising. Survivers is a horror game that takes the terrifying Slender concept where you’re casually walking around a forest searching for pages to collect, only this time around you’re being hunted by something else. Something loud. Oh, and there’s totally co-op. Watch me play it after the jump!

Now, like all first times, this is going to be a little rough. The audio’s on the quiet side, there’s a little FPS counter in the top right corner I forgot to turn off, etc. I hope those things won’t ruin the immersion, because I don’t just want you to get into this video, I want you to embrace it.

Oh, and turn up the volume. That’ll help.

Note: I did find out after I recorded the video that this game was made in Russia, so that could explain the “Survivers” misspelling.

Obviously, this isn’t a finished game. It has a ways to go, and that fact is obvious when you see the unfinished environment and borderline comical werewolf creature. Hopefully, that incredibly annoying sound it makes when you see it gets removed, because that’s crazy annoying. With that said, the first time that red-eyed fucker shows itself, I’m pretty sure it took a year off my life. After playing Slender, I was expecting something a little more subtle. This guy isn’t subtle, he screams at you, and the first time it happens is startling as hell. Unfortunately, the second time it happens is far less jarring, and by the third time, it’s just annoying.

It’s no secret this game takes quite a few pages out of Slender’s book (forgive the pun), but one page it didn’t need to take was the idea of walking around a boring forest with a few landmarks sprinkled on it. That’s been done, let’s try something different. If Survivers is to compete creatively with Slender or the co-op centric Slender: Source, some changes are going to need to be made. As it is, this comes across as an unoriginal copy, with the exception of the co-op.

Even though I wasn’t able to try it out, mostly because I’m one of the least tech savvy people in the world, Survivers has co-op. If you can figure out the PC server thing (I’m sure it’s not that difficult, I honestly didn’t even try) you’ll be able to get your ear drums blown out with a friend. That ought to be fun.

Interested in checking it out for yourself? You can download it here. If you enjoyed watching me play a game, or have any suggestions for making these videos better, feel free to drop some constructive criticism in the comments below. Just be nice. I’m a delicate flower and mean words make me sad.

Played something better? Feel free to email me other terrifying games and mods, or if that’s too much work, tweet at me.




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