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Meet The “Impressive” Cast Of ‘Smiley’!!

That was intense sarcasm.

We now have the international poster for director Michael Gallagher’s (“Totally Sketch”) Smiley, which depicts the entire cast lined up like it means something to us. Who the hell are these people? The official poster is coming soon. I hope it’s better.

Beginning October 12, AMC will exclusively release the film theatrically through its AMC independent platform on 28 screens in 14 markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston and Atlanta. The release will also be supported by a marketing campaign from AMC.

The story of the film follows a mentally fragile college student named Ashley (Caitlin Gerard from “Magic Mike” and “The Social Network”) who, after learning of an urban legend in which a mysterious serial killer named “Smiley” can be summoned through the Internet, must decide whether she is losing her mind or becoming Smiley‘s next victim.Smiley also stars Melanie Papalia (“Endgame”) and Andrew James Allen (“Make It or Break It”), with Roger Bart (“Desperate Housewives”), Keith David (“The Thing”) and Liza Weil (“Scandal”) rounding out the cast.

Smiley, co-written by YouTube sensation Gallagher and Glasgow Phillips (“South Park”), and produced by Michael Wormser (“Some Guy Who Kills People”) of Level 10 Films, has an enormous fan base to call on. Gallagher and his YouTube partners on “Totally Sketch,” as well as the other performers in the film including Shane Dawson (“Shane Dawson’s TV”) and Toby Turner (“The Annoying Orange”), have over 11 million subscribers, 2.2 billion views and 4 million plus fans on Facebook/Twitter combined. The trailer has accumulated over 15 million views since its debut.

In addition to the AMC release, the film will be available on more traditional platforms including DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, Redbox and cable VOD after the traditional theatrical release window has closed.

Smiley’s Theatrical Markets include:

AMC Southlake Pavilion 24; AMC Barrett Commons 14

AMC Crestwood 18; AMC Village Crossing 18, AMC Cicero 14

AMC Newport on the Levee 20

Columbia, SC:
AMC Dutch Square 14

AMC Gulf Pointe 30; AMC Studio 30; AMC Deerbrook 24

Los Angeles:
AMC Ontario Mills 30; AMC Orange 30; AMC Norwalk 20; AMC Universal Citywalk 19; AMC Burbank Town Ctr. 8

Miami-Ft. Lauderdale:
AMC Aventura Mall 24; AMC Sunset Place 24

New York/New Jersey:
AMC Palisades Center 21; AMC Jersey Gardens 20; AMC New Brunswick 18

New York/Manhattan:
AMC Empire 25

Norfolk/Portsmouth/Newport News/Hampton:
AMC Hampton 24; AMC Lynnhaven 18

AMC Cherry Hill 24; AMC Neshaminy 24

San Francisco/Oakland-San Jose:
AMC Mercado 20

For more information on the film, screenings and exclusive content, go to the official website.



  • DesignDeath

    Why is this so funny to me?

  • scorpiokorea

    the poster reminds me of scream posters

  • ThunderDragoon

    You don’t know Shane Dawson and Keith David? You been living under an internet rock?

    • Chance_X74

      I don’t live under an internet rock and admittedly had no clue who Shane Dawson was, but the Keith David and Roger Bart thing did seem odd to me.

  • Psycrow

    I’m gonna make a stab at this, from left to right: The shady parent, the tokin detective, the useless boyfriend, the annoying survivor girl, the emo computer nerd, the slutty slut slut, and the survivor girl’s best friend with a dark past… Smiley looks kind of creepy, till you see his bum chin.

    • Chance_X74

      The guy on the left is actually shady Professor guy, and I find it oddly disturbing that Mr. Disgusting doesn’t seem to recall him from Hostel: Part 2 or Midnight Meat Train.

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