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Horror Games To Watch On Steam Greenlight, Part 4

A few weeks back Valve launched Steam Greenlight, a new program that gives developers another avenue to get their games out into the world by letting them upload their work and have the community vote on them. This is exciting for indie developers because of the extra exposure and early feedback they receive usually very early on in development, and there’s the added bonus that comes when the community gives enough support, eventually leading to the game getting distributed on Steam. Unsurprisingly, Greenlight has been popular so far. There are hundreds of indie titles being voted on by the Steam community right now, and with all these games to sift through, finding the best of them can prove difficult. This is why I’ve decided to scour the submissions in search of the best horror games submitted so far.

Montague’s Mount – Episode 1

Montague’s Mount looks like something you would get if you were to mix the adventuring of Myst with the eerie isolation of Dear Esther. This is a very intriguing combination, and one I hope works out for this game.

You can support this game here.


Bizarre name aside, Enamel is interesting because it’s a 2D sidescrolling shooter with a gritty, post-apocalyptic art style. I’m all for running and gunning down mutants and other monstrosities, but it’s the weapon customization that I’m most looking forward to. Each weapon brings with it a dozen different variations, with unique attacks and functions. There are also some light RPG elements, in the form of crafting recipes, skills, and attributes.

You can support this game here.

Ancients of the Abyss

Obviously, this game needs a little work, but I like the concept, and I’m totally into the retro visuals. In it, you arrive in a town where the inhabitants are being haunted by demonic creatures. It looks freaky, and the variety in the enemies is nice. It’ll be a short game, taking between 1-2 hours to complete, but at least then it won’t outstay its welcome. This one intrigues me.

You can support this game here.


It’s no secret that every asylum in the world is a terrifying place. It comes with the territory. I’m pretty sure that an architect who’s been tasked with building one has to sign some sort of contract, probably in the blood of a virgin, that forces them to maintain a certain creep factor in the building’s design. Because of this, I’m all for horror games taking place in asylums. Not enough games make use of these unsettling locations, but the aptly named Asylum sure does, and it looks fantastic.

You can support this game here.

Dead Trigger

“When the dead are not dead, you have to be deadly.” With a tagline like that, do I really need to say more about this game? If you can’t wait for it, Dead Trigger is already out for iOS and Android devices. If you can wait, or perhaps you’d rather play it on your PC, you can enjoy the enhanced visuals that will be coming with the Steam version, assuming it gets greenlit, of course.

You can support this game here.

If these games aren’t enough to satiate your endless appetite for all things scary, check out our picks in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Obviously, I’m going to miss some games. If you’ve found a title you think should be mentioned, feel free to email me other exciting horror games you find on Greenlight, or tweet them at me.



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