[TIFF ’12 Interview] ‘The Lords Of Salem’ Stars Sheri Moon Zombie & Jeff Daniel Phillips

  • mav07

    so when does this come out, and when do we get a trailer?

  • FatGod

    Rob Zombie = Overrated.
    I haven’t enjoyed his music since White Zombie put out the album “Make Them Die Slowly”, and the only one of his films I thoroughly enjoyed was “The Devil’s Rejects”

    I would be far less annoyed with the dude if he didn’t bitch and moan about Texas Chainsaw being remade…..Don’t get me wrong, I hate remakes too, but he remade Halloween and 1,000 Corpses was a Texas Chainsaw ripoff.

    I may still give this a chance (since this is his first original idea since Devil’s Rejects), but I’m not getting my hopes up

  • woodchuck

    Rob Zombie’s music has been badass on every release past and present and I feel the same about his movies. I wasn’t real impressed with H2 just because I thought he could have done a lot more with it but for the most part he always hits it out of the park in my book. Can’t wait for this to come out! I like that he uses the same cast in his movies, it adds a brand, or signature to his work, just like the article mentioned it’s similar to Tarantino’s movies in that regard.

  • NRKee

    Not a fan of his Halloween remake but I’ll give this a chance just beacause I enjoyed The Devils Rejects. His music? never been good since White Zombie broke up.