WIN Copies of ‘Phone’ and ‘Doppelganger’ on DVD!

Tartan Home Video is releasing two incredible Asian horror films on DVD this Tuesday, which will be available at all home video retailers here in the US. Inside you can win one of two copies of either Phone (review) or Doppelganger (review) on DVD. If you didn’t see the big news, Tartan also announced two more titles for March here
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Ok kiddies, we’ve got two copies of both ‘Doppelganger‘ and ‘Phone‘ for you- I’ve seen both films and they truly are entertaining. If you want to win a copy you need to pick, so click the title of the film and see which one interests you more- then:

E-mail me the following:
-Put the title of the film you want to win in the subject
-Inside I want your full name and mailing address
-Tell me if you’ve heard of Tartan and what you think of them- this answer has no bearing on whether you win or not, so be honest.

Winners will be chosen at random on February 5th. Failure to include any of the info above results in instant disqualification. Follow the links above to purchase the DVDs from 2005 will be the year of Tartan for cult DVD releases!

Source: Tartan Films