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[BD Review] Brad Doesn’t Find Much To Love In ‘House At The End Of The Street’!

Relativity Media releases House at the End of the Street today, September 21st. The PG-13 thriller from director Mark Tonderai (Hush) stars Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) Max Thieriot (My Soul To Take) and Elizabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas, Adventures In Babysitting). And I’ve got a feeling that the film’s unfortunate twitter hashtag (#HATES) might come back to haunt it. At least if other critics feel the same way Brad does.

In the film, “On the horror scale this PG-13 thriller scores a big fat zero, although it has one fairly well staged jump scare. Frankly, the only thing that makes the remotely bearable to watch are the performances by Theiriot and Lawrence (Elisabeth Shue is awkwardly scripted and shockingly miscast)… it’s just so poorly conceived that it should have premiered on Lifetime.

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  • Flash-Over

    Just got back from seeing it. That was one of the most predictable pieces of shit that I have ever seen. It’s almost as if the writer thought “Hey, which old horror film plot-twist can I rip-off in this scene?” It got so bad to the point where it gave me a headache; and it just drags on and on at the end, and when it finally gets to the end, those last 30 seconds are pretty much Sleepaway Camp and Psycho put in a blender with shit. The only good performances are from the 3 leads, everyone else was terrible. Don’t even get me started on the script, either. It’s almost as if the writer is trying to imitate the witty teen-angst style of Kevin Williamson, but just ends up delivering even cheesier garbage.

    Teenagers are going to eat this up. I just checked twitter, and they are praising this as the “scariest movie ever”. But anyone who has seen any horror movie ever will be saying “Oh, come ON!” quite a few times. I did anyway haha.

    Avoid this one.

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