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[OMFG] Alan Moore Announces A New Lovecraft Project At N.I.C.E.

Fans of Moore know how much he loves loading his work with Lovecraftian themes, as he did with his controversial “Neonomicon” in 2010. Over the weekend, Moore made his first con appearance in years at the N.I.C.E. comic convention in Northamptonshire, England, where he announced his new book from Avatar Press titled Providence. Moore noted that the maxi-series will indeed be a follow up to “Neonomicon”, and will continue to explore Lovecraft and the surrounding lore.

Moore expressed that “Providence” will be a 10-part series set in 1919 starring H.P. Lovecraft himself. The series delves into Lovecraft’s world to examine how he came to write such tales of terror. There has been no news as to who will be on art duties for the series, though Jacen Burrows is a likely candidate.



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