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See The “No One Survives” Goblin At The Los Angeles Nekrogoblikon Show

If you didn’t empathize in some way with the goblin from Nekrogoblikon‘s “No One Survives” music video, you must be a Brad. But if you DID feel a tugging at your heartstrings watching him go though the struggles of daily life, then you now have an opportunity to let him know how much his explosive release of anger meant to you (well, if you live in Los Angeles that is).

On Oct. 10th, Nekrogoblikon will be playing the world famous Whisky A Go Go with Thrown Into Exile and Ampora and the goblin will be featured in the live performance. The goblin’s mask and effects were created by Mark Villalobos of Monster Effects. Tickets are $10 and can be ordered here. Below you can watch the viral music video as well as check out the poster for the show.



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