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‘Saw’ Scribes Unleash Monsters In Legendary’s ‘Waterproof’

Genre masters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, have been hired by Legendary Pictures to rewrite the supernatural thriller Waterproof, reports Deadline. It’s their second recent rewrite job for Legendary, after they came in to do work on the Guillermo del Toro-directed Pacific Rim.

In ‘Waterproof,’ a teen boy accidentally unleashes monsters on his small town after finding an order form in an old comic book.

The scribes, who are currently writing Rise for Warner Bros and God Of War for Universal, are best known for writing Saw IV-Saw 3D, as well as Piranha 3DD. Dunstan recently directed their script The Collection, which just had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin.



  • K-Dogg

    Genre “masters” OH PLEASE !!! See Feast 2 and 3, and get back to me on that “genre masters ” part…Overrated boys right here, John Carpenter THEY ARE NOT !!! They don’t even touch Neil Marshall of today, let alone other genre greats.

  • djblack1313

    K-Dogg i agree w/ you. Mr.D, please have respect for the true genre masters. these 2 aren’t them. P3DD was an abomination as were FEAST 2 & 3. i’m actually embarrassed for you Mr.D that you said that.

  • Joe-Banger

    I heard that K-Dogg! Who the fuck are these two?! Master wannabes! LOL!

  • Sloppy Joe Cocky

    Haha, you guys beat me to the punch. I was gonna say, “Genre Masters” is a bit of a stretch. They did write Piranha 3DD, so I’m not entirely sure how either are even remotely qualified for the label of “Genre Master.”

  • divisionbell

    Man what a tragic resume those two guys have. Every single film they wrote was garbarge.

  • DesignDeath

    Saw VI and V were fantastic. I still can’t believe the same people wrote Piranha 3DD… maybe it looked better on paper.

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