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If We Want A Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom Wants Us To Beg For It. And I Will.

So here I am Capcom, down on my knees. Over at Gamespot during a video Q and A with Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi he admitted they weren’t currently working on a remake of Resident Evil 2. HOWEVER, he did say if the fans go nuts for it, and if there is enough of a push from the fans that would definitely be grounds to start the remake. Resident Evil 2 is the game that started me out and pulled me into horror gaming, so naturally I would do anything for a remake. You hear that Capcom? ANYTHING. He didn’t officially state how we should demand it. So, lets start a million petitions and start sending stuff to Capcom. But what?



  • SilentMenaceX

    Umm hell yeah! I just registered on this site just to say that. I 100% would buy a $60 remake of Resident Evil 2 or even Resident evil 3. I would love to see this come to life!

    • BurnTheBlueSky


  • SickAxe


  • chris99x

    They say this, but it won’t happen. It conflicts with their policy of “DON’T LISTEN TO FANS, EVER.” There will never be a RE2make, RE Outbreak anything, Clock Tower anything, the list goes on.

    And eventually the RE games will star Alice.

  • ThunderDragoon

    It NEEDS to happen. 😀

  • claytonofthedead

    Resident evil 2 needs to be remade and I know how to do it. First off it needs to be the exact game play and style of RE4, no co-op and it needs a merchant who can upgrade your weapons. If you think that the merchant is to lame for Raccoon city then how about having Clare as the merchant or Leon when playing Clair’s scenario.
    Second since it would be easier to kill slow zombies with a third-person view and a laser-sight just simple double or triple the amount of zombies. Just picture the pure awesomeness of it all I would love to see the police department again in a new light (and not the lame light of RE:ORC). I would pay a F*#$ ton of money for the game and would most likely be dumped by my girlfriend for the lack of attention she would receive after I got the game.

  • DarkestKnight

    Capcom will never do this remake and that is fine with me. They’ve been the worst video game company in existence for a long time now. they killed Megaman, they are killing Resident Evil which isn’t horror anymore, and they are killing Street Fighter. This hateful company just needs to go away and stop ruining good series.

  • SickAxe


  • DD-Indeed

    After RE 7, they should at least think about it. REmake is coming back in HD-definition, so why not do the RE 2 Remake ?

    -”When the iron is hot, you have to bash it.”

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