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Let’s Do A Timeline Of The New Between The Buried And Me Music Video For “Astral Body”

Between The Buried And Me have released a music video for “Astral Body” that comes off their upcoming album The Parallax II: Future Sequence (pre-order here), which comes out Oct. 9th via Metal Blade Records. The video, which is highly stylized and full of CG landscapes, brought a lot of thoughts into my head and I felt like I should share them with you. Admittedly, they’re a bit scattered but the video kinda did that to me. Check out my thoughts below and lend your theories in the comments!

0:00 – Oooh, pretty…

0:08 – What the hell is Alfred Hitchcock doing in this video?

0:10 – What the…Does Hitchcock think he’s Michael Myers or something? And why is he blue? Is he a Na’vi or a Smurf or something?

0:16 – Alright, we’re back to being pretty again.

0:23 – Aaaaand Smurf Hitchcock is meditating in the cold vacuum of space. Wonderful.

0:27 – “What the fuck is coming out of my fingertips??? I NEED A DOCTOR!”

0:30 – Smurf Hitchcock just did a reverse Hulk-thunderclap. Cool.

0:33 – “Look Ma! I’m flying through space!”

0:40 – “I don’t always do ridiculous claps. But when I do, blue sperm shoot out of my hands.”

0:53 – That’s actually a lovely pattern and I’m sure that outfit is very comfortable.

1:00 – Real Hunk-thunderclap this time.

1:05 – “For the love of all things Holy, can a man meditate in peace without blue lights getting the way?!?!”

1:21 – “Sure, I’ll make some clouds. Clouds are cool.”

1:29 – Intense sudden jerky zoom-in on Smurf Hitchcock!

1:32 – Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman!

1:38 – Holograph planet. Sweet.

1:45 – “I’m gonna move this leaf around and scare the crap outta some ants!”

1:55 – “Scare ALL the ants!”

2:08 – Damn, those are some tall trees.

2:11 – HADOUKEN!

2:15 – Mountain hadouken?

2:22 – Looks like this guy might need a laxative.

2:27 – Wha…what? Why would you do that?

2:35 – Now you’re screwing around with the tidal system of the ocean? I’m sure Japan and Thailand will NOT be thrilled to hear about this!

2:42 – Now you’re breaking a glacier apart? You’re kind of a dick, you know that Smurf Hitchcock?

2:48 – Okay, I’ll admit it. That’s pretty awesome. You got me there.

2:52 – What the hell is the head from Prometheus doing here?

2:58 – Stop taking shit from this planet!!!

3:01 – I hope one of those pebbles hits you in the face.


3:12 – Okay, now you’re just showing off.

3:20 – Really?!?! That’s gonna be a BITCH to clean up!

3:28 – Oh my god, it’s getting everywhere!

3:29 – Yeah! Take that ya jerk!

3:32 – Nooo! Prometheus head!

3:38 – And some seal just got knocked out. PETA hates you.

3:52 – Apparently all it takes for you to go all Super Saiyan on us is a floating glacier and a floating island slamming into each other. Try not to let that happen too often, would ya?

4:03 – Is this guy running away from the mess he just made? Worst. Roommate. Ever.

4:13 – “Whew, I think I’m far enough away.”

4:17 – “Nope, just gonna go a bit further.”

4:25 – “Look! I’m becoming a real Hitchcock!”

4:32 – That planet is not on the right trajectory. This will not end well.

4:38 – “I probably should’ve been somewhere where there is oxygen when I became a real Hitchcock. This cold vacuum of space is kinda crushing my internal organs at the moment. Shit this hurts…”

4:40 – Why clean up a mess when you can just destroy all evidence of it? And THERE’S that Hitchcock twist we’ve all been waiting for! Damn, that man is a master of suspense!

4:53 – I still don’t get it.

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