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Loot Your Ass Off In ‘The War Z’

In case you’re behind the times, The War Z was announced a few months ago for the PC. It’s an open world zombie apocalypse MMO. And it actually looks like a lot of fun. You don’t only have to deal with zombies in the game, but other survivors as well. And that’s where you can get some major loot. You’ll be able to see all that in the video below. If you PREORDER the game now, you can start playing as early as October 15th.



  • Milk

    It looks… Idk. I have mixed feelings. Dayz was so fucking glitchy and bugged but this game looks very very very unpolished.

  • Kainrich

    Preordered the basic edition, allowing me to get in on the beta action Halloween day. So pumped for this game!

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