Comic Review: ‘Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes’

Inside you’ll find a review for Andy Harnell’s comic book series Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes, which will soon be continued with Shop Til You Drop [Dead]. The story, illustrated by Nick Bradshaw, gives Ash an attempt to redeem himself after misspeaking the words before taking the Necronomicon. He returns to the woods were it all began! Read on for a review…
Army of Darkness
Ashes 2 Ashes
Comic Review
By Jessica Dwyer

I have never been a so-called “normal girl.” The reason I know this? Because if I was in a burning building and was trapped in a hallway with two ways out, one being saved by Brad Pitt and leading to a tropical beach and one being saved by Bruce Campbell and having to fight a pack of Evil Dead after jumping from the burning building I’d be running to the man with the chainsaw hand. Yeah baby, I’d take “He of the large chin and arching brow” over Brad Pitt. Why? Cause Bruce Campbell is a God.

Ash will always be Bruce Campbell in my eyes, no matter what Raimi thinks he’s doing having some other mook do a “re-imagining” of Evil Dead with some young guy as Ash. I have no idea what he’s smoking, what’s possessed him (probably a deadite.) Ash is Bruce. You can throw us the crumb that you are still thinking of doing an Evil Dead 4 Mr. Raimi, but you’ve soiled your spotless rep with me by saying okay to a Colin Farrell look-a-like trying to take on a role that Bruce made his own. Why is Raimi doing a Lucas and trying to improve on perfection (Dead by Dawn was the improved Evil Dead wasn’t it?) Heck at least Lucas screwed up his own flicks, he didn’t hand it off to some other director. As you can see I needed major comfort after reading that this stuff was going on.

So imagine how happy I am now that there is a another resurgence of interest in Army of Darkness. We have toys, trading cards, and comics spewing forth everywhere, from action figures to a re-issue of the ultra gorgeous John Bolton drawn comic of the film that was released back in 1993. Also being released is the new adventures of our hapless hero Ash, in the first set of a series put out by Devil’s Due publishing called Army of Darkness “Ashes 2 Ashes.”

“Ashes 2 Ashes” starts with Ash being sought out by The Wise Old Man because if you remember, Ash goofed up and we still have deadites running around. The plan is to destroy the book, once and for all. But to do this they have to go through time portals and such. Also, time is loopy thanks to Ash’s goofs. So Old Guy and Ash have to go back to the cabin and Ash has to make sure his past self goes back in time and helps Arthur and Henry The Red fight Evil Ash and his minions. We have Good Ash Vs Good Ash and we have Good Ash Vs. Evil Ash. Lots and lots of Ash. Which is a good thing of course.

The artwork is different in this comic from any I’ve seen before. It’s a neat mix of old and new styles and distinguishes it nicely. Nick Bradshaw is a great artist and he makes this cartoony look work for what was already a living cartoon in the films. The writing is also loyal to the movies dialog, with Ash’s one-liners firing right and left.

Each comic has a set of collector covers (the same issue with covers by different artists.) I have mixed feelings about this as it makes it damn difficult to get a single issue when comic stores only get a set number and avid collectors come in and buy every one because they have different artwork on them. But at the same time it’s nice to see Ash depicted in each artists style. So it’s a double edged sword (or chainsaw.)

I really enjoyed these comics and I’m looking forward to the next installment “Shop Till You Drop” which looks like we get to see some S-mart action.

Shop mart shop S-mart, ya got that??!

Jessica Dwyer

Source: Jessica Dwyer