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Black Sabbath Currently In Studio Recording New Album

SiriusXM Liquid Metal DJ Jose Mangin was recently able to head into Shangri La Studios in Malibu, CA to catch up with Black Sabbath on their upcoming album, which will be the first studio release from them in over 33 years. It has been confirmed that the band has written 15 songs, 12 of which will appear on the final record (the other three will most likely be used as deluxe edition bonus tracks). One song title has been confirmed as “God Is Dead” (Really? Really??).

The guitars (and most likely drums) were laid down earlier this year in England, allowing singer Ozzy Osbourne and bassist Geezer Butler to record their parts in five-song increments with producer Rick Rubin. Butler is currently writing lyrics while Ozzy is laying down vocals.

Alright Sabbath fans, what are your thoughts? Are you excited for a new Black Sabbath album or do you think 33 years is too long for the magic to still be there?

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  • STRIK9

    I cant wait for this album.Tony Iommi is at the top of his riff game now,more than ever despite that cancer he’s been battlin’.Ozzy is ozzy.He’ll need to sing in a lower register now though.That last album Tony n Geezer did with Dio was great.Even though Bill ward’s barrel ass will be sittin out this time,Im know this album will be great.Rick rubin sucks though.His production and mixes sound dry as fuck.They should’ve got Andy sneap to give them a slick modern sound to compliment Iommi’s sick riffs.


    This album will be solid. Its all about Iommi for me. I cant wait. As long as they produce something fresh. I dont wanna hear Sabbath trying to be Sabbath.

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