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Bai Ling Toplines Indie Horror ‘When The Devil Rides Out’

House of Fear’s new horror film When The Devil Rides Out, directed by Richard Driscoll, and starring Steven Craine (Highway to Hell, Return of the Jedi, HeadHunter) Bai Ling (The Crow, Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow) Lysette Anthony (Krull, Jack the Ripper) Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who, The Hobbit) Oliver Tobias (The Stud, Arabian Adventure) Robin Askwith (U571, Flesh & Blood Show, Confessions of a Window Cleaner) Dudley Sutton (The Devils, Football Factory), has just completed principal photography.

The story of the film is about a horror writer who is assigned to write the biography of occultist Aleister Crowley. Check out some of the first ever images inside!

Dealing with the loss of his family to his murderous brother Vincent (Robin Askwith), George Carney (Steven Craine) is already a man on the edge of life. Three stories merge from the mind of a writer trapped in a coma in hospital, but only one can be real. Whilst George Carney’s Doctor (Oliver Tobias) diagnosis that the chances of recovery are slim. Hallucinations confuse what is real in the life of Editor George Carney. With his Comic book sales in decline, he is told by his Editor Martha Debney (Lysette Anthony) to write a book on black magic. She has come into contact with a diary belonging to the occultist Aleister Crowley and seeks the truth behind the pages. On his journey, a Vicodin dependent Carney struggles to fathom what is real and as he starts to unlock the dark secrets surrounding the book, he is drawn deeper into a web of lies and fate. Weaving throughout the story are flashbacks of Carneys earlier book “The Enforcer”, and the real time actions of crime fighting comic book hero and Carney’s alter ego, Maverick McMillian (Michael Madsen) who is tracking down the treacherous ‘Bard’. ‘The Bard’ is also out to seek a vendetta against McMillian by using those in his employ like the Mayor (Patrick Bergin), who has no qualms in killing especially since McMillian murdered his brother. On McMillian’s quest to find ‘The Bard’ he has the help of Zilia (Bai Ling). She knows much that is happening in the world that is around her, this being either the comic book world or the real world. Both constantly challenge Carney’s subconscious, and as we delve deeper into each world, reality starts to bleed. McMillian takes to the fight in the last issue of the ‘Enforcer’ comic, and breaks through into the real world, coming face to face with his creator. Whilst Carney delves deeper into the diary of Crowley with the help of Walther (Sylvester McCoy),and comes to find a darker power within it’s pages. With gangsters and crazed Shakespearean obsessives attempting to stop the pair in their quests; will they win the day.



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