Hideo Nakata Answers Big Questions and Talks ‘Ring Two’

My favorite ‘Ring’ website online Ringworl, has posted an exclusive one-on-one interview with The Ring Two director Hideo Nakata, who also directed the original Japanese ‘Ringu.’ Not only does he talk about Dreamworks’ sequel, which hits theaters March 18th, but he finally discloses the secrets behind Samara’s (Sidako’s) birth. Read on for the skinny and then click the link for the full interview…
During an interview with Ringworld, Hideo Nakata finally explained how Sidako came to be, “First, I want to be clear. This is just the original films, and not the American version. In Japan, the scriptwriter and I interpreted like, Sadako’s mother conceived her not with a human, not with a man, but… let’s say an evil existence from the sea. She couldn’t tell exactly, she couldn’t remember exactly [what it was]. Sadako’s mother was going to the seashore almost every day, and she kept looking at the sea every day. And at a certain point, she found out that she was pregnant. So, in the original versions of Ringu and Ringu 2, there is the suggestion that Sadako’s father is not human, but is a mysterious, evil, let’s say monster from the sea. But we can’t say what he looked like.

You know, we [Japanese] still have a tradition that the sea itself, the water–like floods, or the recent tsunami–it can take many people’s lives, as in natural disasters. Because Japan is such a small island country, people get killed in the sea for many, many years. So there is an almost subconscious level of fear towards the sea. And that’s what the scriptwriter and I discussed. Like, “OK, Sadako’s father can be a non-human existence from the sea.” And this is actually half-based on a [true] story. A real person was the model for Sadako’s mother. She used to go to the sea every day and just stare at it. So of course she was not saying like, “Well, I got pregnant,” but we thought the fact that [this woman] was going to the sea every day and looking at it every day for no reason was significant.”

In Ring Two, Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) and her son Aidan (David Dorfman) have relocated to the quaint mountain town of Asheville, where Rachel has found a new job at the local Asheville Gazette, working alongside reporter Max Rourke (Simon Baker). The discovery of a local teenage homicide whilst scanning the electronic Asheville Police archives prompts Rachel to uncover the truth behind it. Before long, Rachel has linked the homicide to the mysterious video tape. Just when Rachel is within reach of uncovering the secret, she discovers that Aidan has been hospitalized – unconcious, perilously cold, and bruised. Rachel suspects this is the act of Samara Morgan, but Dr Emma Temple suspects otherwise. Having being blamed for child abuse and looking guilty as sin, Rachel returns to Seattle, to dig deeper into the past of the ghostly Samara. Will the secrets she uncovers solve problems, or will they end more lives?

Source: Ringworld