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12 Alternate ‘Prometheus’ Posters! The Genesis Of A Marketing Campaign

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, his quasi Alien prequel, hit Blu-ray and DVD recently both in the UK and in the States. And what you’re seen is most certainly not the first conceptual iteration of the film.

Just as it morphed from a pure Alien prequel into something different (more on that here and here), the marketing campaign itself morphed as the studio went through its internal processes on how to best sell the film.

PrometheusMovie got their hands on some unused posters for the film. While I can’t be 100% sure that all of these are real (and the international and domestic dates are in flux), a lot of them sure seem like it. Some play up the xenomorph cave-drawing, some play up acidic alien blood eating through metal and others are variations of the existing campaign. While I’m assuming that the general direction of the film had long since been decided by the point Fox got around to testing these ideas, it’s interesting to see them move in a similar direction. Further and further from an Alien prequel.

Head inside to check them out.



  • djblack1313

    there’s even more of them (go to PROMETHEUS’s IMDB forum page for links). these are cool but i like the one they chose.

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    I really like that 10th one, it’s got a very 70’s sci-fi novel kind of look to it. I do like some of these, but I’m glad they went the direction they did as they seemed to be REALLY trying to invoke thoughts of the original “Alien” with most of these, and I think Ridley Scott was trying to distance the connection from people’s minds so they’d go into this movie fresh and not expecting a re-hash of Alien.

  • Milk

    I’m happy they didn’t pick the firefox logo one. The first 4 are nice. At least they didn’t fuck it up like the RE6 giraffe getting a bj logo.

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