[AFM '12] Foreign Horror: 'The Body,' 'Dendam Dari Kuburan' and - Bloody Disgusting
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[AFM ’12] Foreign Horror: ‘The Body,’ ‘Dendam Dari Kuburan’ and



With AFM quickly approaching, we’re going to receive a rash of promo trailers and posters, along with breaking news regarding a slew of independent and foreign horror. This year, the plan is to bunch them together as there’s no reason for 400 news posts about some films that may never even see a release (it’s a sad truth).

Thanks to Twitch, we’ve received a trio of new trailers for some foreign fare, including Oriol Paulo’s The Body (El Cuerpo), which stars begins when a woman’s body vanishes from the morgue in mysterious circumstances. In the course of a single night, Inspector Jaime Peña investigates the disappearance with the help of her widower.

Then there’s the trailer for the Indonesian horror film Dendam Dari Kurburan (Revenge From The Grave) as well as one for 3AM, a Thai anthology about ghostly encounters that all take place at 3AM. It’s also in 3-D. Yay?


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