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Broken Hope Guitarist Jeremy Wagner Hangs Out With Horror Legends

Jeremy Wagner, Broken Hope guitarist and author of The Armageddon Chord, recently attended the 10th Annual Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention, where he got several snapshots of him with some of horror’s biggest and most beloved names. He got to hang out with Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, The Frighteners), Linda Blair (The Exorcist), John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing), and more. You can check out photos of him with these legends, along with quotes about each picture, below.

1. Adrienne King from Friday the 13th:
It was great meeting Adrienne King. She was really friendly and accommodating. She seems to appreciate her fans. Friday the 13th hit home and scared the hell out of me when I was like 10 or 11. I’ll never forget when Alice Hardy (played by Adrienne King) decapitated Jason’s mother, Pamela Voorhees (played by Betsy Palmer). That’s one of the most memorable scenes in horror-cinema.

2. Amy Steel from Friday the 13th Part 2:
Amy Steel, totally cool lady and looks great like she did in the 80’s. I always had a crush on Amy Steel since first seeing Friday the 13th Part 2. As the character, Ginny Field, she was such a strong leading lady in the movie. She had real guts putting on the deceased Pamela Voorhees’s rancid sweater in order to mind-fuck Jason. Brilliant!

3. Dana Kimmell from Friday the 13th Part 3:
Like Amy Steel (and other scream queens), I also had a major crush on Dana Kimmell who starred as Chris Higgins in Friday the 13th Part 3. Friday the 13th Part 3 was the first 3D movie I ever saw. Dana was very nice and it was a pleasure to meet her.

4. Dick Warlock from Halloween 2:
If anyone hasn’t heard of Dick Warlock, then I urge everyone to check out his resume. I guarantee we’ve all seen at least one movie that he was involved in. Dick Warlock has been involved with stunt doubles and stunt coordinating on some of my favorite horror films of all time: Jaws, The Thing, and Halloween 2. It was my sincere honor to meet this legend.

5. Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator:
I was totally crazy about Re-Animator when it first came out in the mid-80’s. Jeffrey Combs was cast perfectly to play Dr. Herbert West—medical student at the Miskatonic University of Arkham, MA. Jeffrey Combs was really cool and took time to snap pics and sign stuff for me.

6. John Carpenter:
What can I say about John Carpenter? Well, he’s my all-time favorite horror movie writer/director. He is also one of my favorite horror movie composers! The theme music to Halloween is timeless and grand in it’s scariness—it will be one of the most famous horror compositions of all time. Speaking of the movie, Halloween, that flick had the most profound effect on me as a kid and scared me so bad, that I still get chills watching it. That said, The Thing remains my favorite horror-movie of all time and I was fortunate to not only meet John Carpenter, but I also got to watch him introduce a 30th anniversary screening The Thing at a local theater. So, with all this John Carpenter love, it’s no surprise that I was kind of “geeking out” when I met him. I took a number of photos with him and had him sign a ton of stuff…he was extremely patient and cool-as-hell. Meeting JC was a definite highlight of my horror-loving life.

7. Linda Blair from The Exorcist:
The Exorcist is right up there with The Thing as far as my favorite horror movies go. The Exorcist is probably the scariest of all the horror flicks I adore…Satan just doesn’t screw around. Anyway, let it be said that I love Linda Blair! She is legendary, that’s no secret. Moreover, she was so damn cool to me…I held up the long line of fans waiting to meet her because we kept gabbing about everything from our love of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd (who she was friends with), to books and animals. We took some pics together and I gave her a copy of my novel, The Armageddon Chord. She said she liked my hair and eyes…(sigh).

8. Richard Brooker from Friday the 13th Part 3:
As I mentioned in my blurb about meeting Like Amy Steel (Friday the 13th Part 3), Friday the 13th Part 3 was the first 3D movie I ever saw—and Richard Brooker played Jason in this movie. I also want to mention that Part 3 is also one of my favorite chapter of the franchise. I loved it when Jason (Brooker) squeezes the guy’s head until his eyeball flies out in 3D…and also when he bisects the dude who is walking on his hands. Great stuff! Anyway, Richard Brooker—like the other celebs I met—was very cool, and also pretty funny.

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