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[BD Review] Evan Dickson’s Thoughts On ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’!

While I personally am a fan of Christophe Gans’ 2006 Silent Hill, I absolutely despise Michael J. Bassett’s cinematic turd Solomon Kane. It has always come as a shock to me that he was hired to direct the high profile Silent Hill sequel that horror fans have been demanding for several years. While I never want a movie to be bad, it doesn’t shock in me in the least bit that Open Road’s Silent Hill: Revelation 3D isn’t very good. At least Evan Dickson didn’t hate it…

Even if we assume that Silent Hill: Revelation is a complete success in terms of world creation (which I doubt, it’s surprisingly small in scope with much of it taking place in a warehouse/prison type environment), it’s still a mess of a movie. And not an enjoyable one.

You’ll find Dickson’s entire review here. After you guys check it out, write your own review to tell all of Bloody what YOU thought!




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