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10 Most Brutal Deaths In Comics

1. The Jack The Ripper Murders (From Hell)

Most of the deaths mentioned so far are exacted in retribution for some previous offense, often with sexual overtones. And while we revel in these revenge fantasies and indulge in whatever gruesome fate awaits the people who so badly deserve it, it’s often the crimes that inspire the retribution that are, in many ways, more brutal. It’s just we have trouble putting them in lists like this, because to do so is to tacitly celebrate that behavior. But ultimately, brutality isn’t something that should be celebrated, because in reality it’s a terrible thing to behold. Which is why Alan Moore takes the top spot in this – the horrific, brutal murders depicted in “From Hell” are rooted in reality. They are merciless, depraved, barbaric acts of violence with sexual overtones that encapsulate most of the themes illustrated in this list without the silver lining that at least most of them were done with some twisted idea of morality at their core, or are the product of fiction. Moore’s and Eddie Campbell’s truthful, violent portrayal of the Jack The Ripper murders, and the misogynistic, nihilistic virtues they embody makes them the most brutal deaths in comics.

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