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10 Most Brutal Deaths In Comics


Honorable Mentions

Midnighter Goes On a Murder Spree (Authority)
The Authority was one of the most revolutionary comics at the turn of the century, ultra-violent and political. Unfortunately, these qualities invariably led to constant censorship issues during Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s run on the series. In this instance, everyone on the Authority has been defeated by a replacement Authority, except Midnight who has escaped. Being the violent bastard that he is, he returns and proceeds to slaughter all of the replacements. On one page, he kills two of the replacements by… um… well, that’s the thing. The DC editors thought the deaths were so brutal, they edited the page and obscured just how Midnighter did his dirty work. That’s how badass it was. If it wasn’t for the censorship, perhaps this might have cracked the top 10.

Joker Skins a Nightclub Owner (Joker)
Nothing really to add here, other than I have no idea how Joker managed to skin a dude. But he did, because he’s the Joker.

Hulk Tears Wolverine in Half (Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk)
Pretty self-explanatory. Doesn’t make the cut because Wolverine didn’t technically die.

The Blob Eats the (Already Drowned) Wasp
Doesn’t make this list because A) Wasp is technically already dead and B) this comic sucked. Not that that’s supposed to factor in or anything, but it totally does. Also, The Blob is then eaten by Ant-Man. Yep. This happened.

Written by – GeorgeShunick

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  • Phantasmaniac

    Someone hasnt read Walking Dead #100 yet

    • Lonmonster

      I can’t speak for George, but I actually haven’t…I wait for the trades.

    • wildgator25

      Nope, nope they haven’t Phantasmaniac. I scrolled down just knowing that it would show up near the top, but no dice.

  • Canucklehead

    The Jason Todd beating was very disturbing

  • HMH

    Midnighter is Amazing.

  • Just got to agree with Lonmonster.. in fact nothing at ALL from The Walking Dead was a SHOCK.. not even an honorable mention of TWD 100.. which was awful.. or the fate of Carol or Dale, for that matter.. although, I guess Carol wasn’t so much brutal as just.. kind of pathetic and disturbingly almost out of nowhere.. but I would endorse TWD 100 .. or even the.. fate of Lori and her daughter in the escape from the prison as well.

  • byakko22

    These are some crazy ways of brutal deaths, but manga has some real sick shit, one the most brutal and horrific deaths happen in BERSERK people getting eaten alive by giant monsters or people being completely gotten cut in half by a man wielding a giant ass sword

  • VictorCrowley

    The Jason Todd death is what opened to the door to comics for me. At age 10 at the time, I couldn’t believe something that graphic was in a comic book. Bought the trade paperback and became a casual comic fan after that.

    The Death of Superman is what really did it for me though. I was way into that story. Death wasn’t nearly as cruel, but the story was much stronger (for me anyway).

  • BigJ

    I agree the death scene from Walking Dead #100 should have been on here. Now with Invincible #100 out this week that should be on the list as well. Otherwise a great list.

  • I love how Alan Moore’s three most well known comics are in here. I will say I would have loved to see something from Preacher maybe how Preacher made Fuckface’s father kill himself.

  • Harry Pujols

    Sorry, but you can’t write an article like this without including Glenn’s death in Walking Dead #100. That’s not even debatable.

  • jakeen229

    WOW surprised Crossed didn’t make the list that thing had TONS of main characters getting knocked off.. Also The punisher Max to this day still stands as one of the best Punisher comics.

  • LivingDeadPunk

    Where are the little girls that get decapitated, then have their heads revived in The Walking Dead? Or The Russian, who the Punisher slowly smothered to death using his morbidly obese neighbor Mr. Bumpo? Or the Messiah and Allfather D’Aronique from Preacher, who died when the later was dropped from 100 feet in the air onto the former? Where is Bushmaster, who got his bones broken, hand cut off (I think), cheek eaten, then face sliced off by a pissed off Moon Knight? Pfft.

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