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10 Most Brutal Deaths In Comics

9. Rorschach Burns a Man Alive (Watchmen)

This should be a familiar scene for most comic fans. It’s the moment Rorschach leaves Walter Kovacs behind and fully embraces his alter-ego and his mission to purge the world of evil. Driven past the point of sanity by the horrible realization that a kidnapper has dismembered an innocent girl and fed her remains to his German Shepherds, he captures the man and presents him with a choice – to cut off his own hand or burn to death. Well, it’s not really much of a choice, because Rorschach pretty much dumps gasoline around him and drops a match in the instant after the man realizes just what his predicament is. He then delivers a speech enunciating his nihilistic view on humanity and the world, which is arguably as brutal as the death that spawned it.

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