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10 Most Brutal Deaths In Comics

7. The Punisher Feeds a Man to Piranhas, Another to a Python and a Third to Polar Bears

In Garth Ennis’ less-serious Punisher run, the Punisher is forced to evade a number of mobsters after suffering a gunshot wound. He does so by running into a zoo and eliminating his pursuers one by one. The first is dipped into a piranha tank until only a skeleton remains. The next is constricted by a large snake. And finally, with only one enforcer and the mob boss herself left, Frank Castle jumps into a bear pit and punches a polar bear in the face. The bears are understandably perturbed, and take out their aggression on the Punisher’s foes. Ma Gnucci, the mob boss, actually survives – sans legs, arms and scalp – and is later punted into a house fire.

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