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10 Most Brutal Deaths In Comics



6. World War II Meets The Boys (The Boys)

Oh look, another Garth Ennis entry! Honestly, you could probably fill up this entire list with various Ennis contributions. Hell, you could probably do it just from using The Boys. There are a lot of horrible, horrible deaths to choose from in this series – the President is mauled to death by a wolverine, a Russian crime boss is blown up with an exploding vibrator, etc. – but I opted to pick a death from the brief World War II storyline. In this, superheroes – most explicitly analogues of Captain America and the Falcon – are present for the Battle of the Bulge. Things don’t go well, and the Falcon analogue decides he needs to take to the skies. Which he does for about two seconds, before he’s hit by a passing plane, getting churned in the rotor. What remains of him is run over by a German tank.

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