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[AFM ’12] ‘Homecoming’ Horror, Hang In The ‘Treehouse’, And Have An ‘Afterparty’!




From Pan’s Labyrinth and The Orphanage producer Álvaro Augustin and Film Factory Entertainment comes Afterparty, a Spanish horror from director Miguel Larraya. Starring Luis Fernández, Úrsula Corberó, Alicia Sanz, Ana Caldas and Andrea Dueso, “Carlos, a TV star and teen idol, is invited to a wild party packed with girls and excesses of all kinds. The morning after, he wakes up trapped in a sinister house with three girls that he had several encounters with the previous night. With communication cut off and escape impossible, they come to realize that they are not alone in this house and they may never be able to escape.

Inside you’ll find the sales trailer and art for Homecoming, being sold at this week’s AFM in Santa Monica. Todd Kniss directs the film, “Katie (Jeridan Frye), the prettiest girl in town, returns home after a 20-year absence when her grandmother dies. Staying in the house she grew up in, Katie is forced to face a past she’s tried hard to forget. When Katie was 13, she lost both parents in a car accident for which she feels responsible, a boy she liked was found murdered, and another boy vanished altogether. Ready to put the past behind her and reconnect with her childhood friends, she plans a reunion. Everyone is thrilled to have Katie back, and they settle down in Katie’s old house for a candlelit night of drinking and sharing memories. But one of Katie’s old friends doesn’t want the past unearthed, and will do anything to keep it buried—even if it means stacking up fresh bodies. Katie and her friends are trapped, terrified, and left wondering, who will die next?

Imagination Worldwide has tapped Michael Guy Ellis for Treehouse, to be penned by Alex Child and Miles Harrington. We’ve landed the AFM sales art and a massive synopsis. Both inside.

TREEHOUSE is a dark, coming-of-age thriller set in the heartland of rural America. The film follows the journeys of two teenagers, ELIZABETH and KILLIAN, whose lives intersect one cold night in an old treehouse, deep in the forest.

After the sudden disappearance of a local brother and sister, the town of Westlake is put under a curfew by local law enforcement. The annual fair is canceled, much to the annoyance of KILLIAN and CRAWFORD, two brothers attending Bayscout High. They decide to sneak into the woods that night to meet some local girls and shoot off some fireworks.

When their friends do not show up, the two brothers decide to paint the sky. When the fireworks illuminate a structure high up in the trees, they discover a treehouse. Inside it is ELIZABETH whom they recognize from local news reports as the missing sister.

ELIZABETH is badly injured and unable to recall what has happened. All she is able to articulate is that ‘things’ took her little brother. CRAWFORD runs for help, while KILLIAN waits with her. Crawford never returns.

What follows is a nightmare journey into Hell as the “things” within the woods lay siege to the treehouse. It is only a matter of time before the treehouse – their sanctuary – eventually becomes their tomb. ELIZABETH and KILLIAN are forced to find a way out in order to survive and learn the fates of their brothers. Their escape ultimately leads them to a shocking revelation, culminating in a brutal finale with their attackers.

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