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Check Out Ada’s Partner In These New Screens From The Upcoming ‘Resident Evil 6’ Update

There’s a title update coming to Resident Evil 6 that’s going to make some pretty big changes, including a new difficulty mode, improved camera adjustment, more subtitle options, and perhaps most exciting of all, a new co-op partner for Ada. Since the update was first announced, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what Capcom would do with Ada’s partner, and now that I’ve seen her in action, she looks… like a faceless soldier. You might be saying, who cares?, to which I’ll reply — well, yeah, you’re totally right. I’d like Ada’s partner to add some interest to that scenario, but if she doesn’t, I’m all right with that too. Head past the break for more info on the update and a bunch of screenshots, all featuring Ada’s new companion.

What the update, due mid-December, adds:
Gamers will be able to adjust the camera to give a greater field of view as best suits their play style.
New subtitle options: English language audio can be combined with subtitles in an alternative language.
Ada Wong’s campaign will be unlocked from the start and have an optional player-controlled co-op partner added.
‘No Hope’ difficulty level will be added above the existing levels, for players who want an extreme challenge.

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