Horror Cliche’ Whored Out in ‘Captivity’

Larry Cohen’s new film Captivity is easily- and I stress the word easily– one of the worst plot lines I’ve read in a long long time. A cliche is a cliche because it’s something that is over done, so to make an entire movie based on one of these cliches is a moronic idea, at least in my meager opinion. Read on for a good laugh…
Variety reports that Mark Damon, who ankled as chairman-CEO of Media 8 Entertainment last year, has launched production shingle Foresight with three projects already in the works.

On tap so far are “Captivity,” “Beyond Friendship” and “Marlowe.” Damon also took in-development pics “Red Lips, White Lies” and “Higher” with him after he split from Media 8.

Media 8 exec Tamara Stuparich De La Barra has been tapped Foresight’s veep of production and acquisitions.

Damon expects ultimately to have a dozen staffers on board, and Foresight will produce up to five pics annually for the global marketplace with budgets up to roughly $30 million.

“Captivity” is a Russian-American co-production set for a late March start in Moscow. The psychological thriller, to be directed by Roland Joffe from a screenplay by Larry Cohen, centers on two strangers who are kidnapped by an unseen psychopath and fall in love as they try to escape.

My interjection: Does this not happen in almost EVERY single film? Idiotic…

Back to the story…

Ramco, a Russian production unit with offices in Moscow and Los Angeles, will co-produce “Captivity,” and Damon is in negotiations to produce four more projects with the Russian shingle.

Damon, Leonid Minkovski, Sergei Konov and Gary Mehlman are producers on “Captivity,” with Jill Gatsby as co-producer and Alexandra Mehlman as associate producer. De La Barra will oversee the project.

Damon said his new company’s moniker was inspired by advice he once received from industry icon Lew Wasserman: “To be successful and survive in this business, you need to have unlimited foresight.”

He added, “I want to do films with an edge that are not terribly heavy on special effects.”

Genius’- maybe they can tap Uwe Boll to direct the film?

Source: Variety