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Dammit Internet…Dream Theater Vs. Psy “Gangnam Wither”

I know that I said I wouldn’t be doing any more “Gangnam Style” articles but this one is a bit different. Instead of someone doing their own original rendition of the track (like “David Lo Pan Style“), this is a mashup of the music of Dream Theater‘s “Wither” with Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” vocals. And it works shockingly well. As in, I had to listen to the whole thing to see if I had any issues with it (there are none). Listen to it below and lend your thoughts.

I’m guessing that the Dream Theater fellas, if they knew about this, would nod their heads approvingly before ascending into the stars, creating beautiful, intricate music with naught but their imaginations. And Psy would reach his hand into the air, his other hand placed over his heart, while a singer tear rolled down his cheek. And as Dream Theater burst into a glorious light, their song reaching the coda, Psy would whisper, “Thank you.”

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