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Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ Not Dead After All! John Cusack To Star!!

One of the things about Hollywood that keeps me optimistic is the fact that cool projects can come roaring back to life. Stephen King’s Cell was once a Dimension, and we haven’t heard much about it recently. Now it turns out that former Dimension exec Richard Saperstein (1408) will produce through his Genre Company alongside colleagues Brian Witten and Shara Kay.

And they’re bringing along John Cusack (1408, High Fidelity). The film is based on King’s bestselling novel about a father’s odyssey to find his wife and son in the wake of a catastrophic pulse transmitted via mobile phones. Also? Zombies. King co-wrote the screenplay Adam Alleca (The Last House On The Left). Directors are now being approached.

More on this as it develops.



  • LaurenTaylor

    I really enjoyed the book and I love Lane Meyer.

    • I don’t know, but there’s something with Cusack that doesn’t appeal to me as Clayton-like. I can’t imagine him being the graphic artist that Clayton is.

      I mean, I’m saying this in advance, if ever Cusack gets to play Riddell.

  • Slasher_Lover23

    I loved Cell. And I’m even more glad Cusack is returning for a Stephen King film. He was excellent in 1408.

    But honestly I will be pissed if anyone thinks THIS is a rip off of the POS The Happening. No doubt it will happen though.

  • djblack1313

    YES! i loved the book! i was so excited way back when it looked like Eli Roth was going to direct it but then it just vanished. i’m so happy this is still in the works/a go!

    • djblack1313

      oh and PLEASE make it R rated and as violent as the book was. no WORLD WAR Z (i’m not totally bashing the movie since the description of recently seen footage sounds awesome!) PG-13 bullshit.

      • jmacgrath

        Agreed. This has to be R. It’s too brutal to be anything but. Also I wish Eli Roth was still involved. Either way fingers crossed for this. At least it sounds like this got away from the Weimteins.

  • viking1983

    so glad eli roth isn’t on this anymore as he sucks, just hope they make a good version of this excellent novel

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