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[Halloween Treat] The Original ‘Evil Dead’ And ‘Evil Dead 2’ Cut To Look Like The Remake!

A lot of you are scared FilmDistrict’s Evil Dead, the Fede Alvarez-directed remake of Sam Raimi’s cult classic 1981. Not me. I think it looks awesome! However, there’s a new fan-made mash-up – by “BadIdeaOnline” – that marries the tone and sound of the new trailer with images from the original Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. Maybe it’ll help ease the transition from old to new for you?

Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore, Jessica Lucas and (supposedly) Bruce Campbell all star in the remake.

Head inside for the trailer!



  • LaurenTaylor

    Haha. SWEET.

  • Kroork

    That’s so awesome!

  • KeepDoubting

    Very cool!

  • Aaron Emery

    That is wicked cool! I’m so excited for the remake! The editing and music in the trailer is hella effective. Looks like it’s going to be pretty badass! I like that some noteworthy scenes from the originals (as in that trailer) were redone only in a different way, and as with the original ED it isn’t being played for laughs, looks like a hardcore scare fest.

  • Nothing333

    Where’s the green filter lol.

  • EvilHead1981

    Knowing that some of the more imaginative “out there” ideas of the original movies won’t be present in the reboot makes me sad. And I’m not talking the comedy.

  • DeadEndMike

    That was great!!!

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