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[AFM ’12] What Horrors Lay Within ‘The Crack’?

Here’s a weird little film we came across at the ongoing AFM. Entertainment One is behind Alfonso Acosta’s The Crack, which stars Fiona Horsey, Victoria Gaitán, Alan Daicz, Diego Peláez, Maruia Shelton, Santiago Heins and Billy Heins.

In the film, “A year after the murder of young Marcela, her family travels to an isolated country house, intending to heal its wounds. But in the hauntingly beautiful countryside, the trip will soon turn into a collective hell. The isolation unearths the memories of Marcela’s death, one son’s deep attraction to his aunt, another son’s hatred for his brother, and the dark fantasy that completely envelops the family’s 7 year-old twins, based on the macabre stories that their aunt tells them before bed. Soon the family members are sunk into a state of nightmarish insanity that some of them may not survive.

Check out some creature stills inside!



  • djblack1313

    i’m waiting for the butt jokes and drug jokes to start up. lol. this movie sounds/looks pretty cool.

  • Joe-Banger

    Perfect timing djblack1313, I was going to say that I love titles like this so I can say “What horrors lay within the crack?!” LOL! I really dont want to know! And where I live crack on both sides of the joke is all too common here so Ill leave the rest of the jokes to every one elses imagination! LOL!

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