'Hoax Hunters' Tease Gnomes In 'Haunchyville' With A Video Short! - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Hoax Hunters’ Tease Gnomes In ‘Haunchyville’ With A Video Short!

Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley’s hit Ghost Hunters spoof, Hoax Hunters, is set to continue with a new arc this January titled, “Haunchyville”. “Hoax Hunters” follows a group of paranormal researchers who use their reality television series to cover up the truth behind urban legends and monster folklore. With the first arc in the bag, the creative team is gearing up for a new storyline focusing on gnomes.

As a sweet little promo for “Haunchyville”, they’ve put together a short live-action video prequel, embracing the idea of the Hoax Hunters reality show. Below you can check out the video plus a bunch of teaser art for “Hoax Hunters” #6.

Press Release:

This January, HOAX HUNTERS returns with an all-new arc, “Haunchyville.” The story takes on the myth of the gnomes of Haunchyville, Wisconsin, and their albino king. But before the new arc—starting in issue #6—is released in stores, a short film has been made to tease the coming storyline.

The film (directed by filmmaker James Cooper) introduces the Hoax Hunters Hunters, a group that is on to the HOAX HUNTERS’ true agenda of covering up the dark corners of the world, via their reality television show.

“Steve and I see the video as a way to enhance what the HOAX HUNTERS are all about—YouTube clips, campy scares, that’s what reality shows like Destination Truth thrive on,” co-creator and writer Michael Moreci said. “We want to have fun with that.”

The first HOAX HUNTERS trade—which collects issue #s 0-5 and features an introduction from Fact or Faked host Ben Hansen—releases December 5.

“Both Mike and I are very excited about the reception for the first arc of Hoax Hunters,” Steve Seeley, co-creator and writer said. “We are confident that the next arc (and those that follow) will only help our success with the book.”

Issue #6 releases January 16 from Image Comics and and is available for pre-order in the October issue of Previews. It features a cover from artist Jenny Frison (Revival).