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[Random Cool] Dig On This Wicked Fan Made ‘Evil Dead’ Poster!

While scouring Twitter we stumbled onto a piece of fan made art for FilmDistrict’s forthcoming Evil Dead that blew our minds. Penned (literally) by artist Karthik Abhiram, the art depicts a montage of imagery showed in the film’s trailer.

For making the drawing, I followed my usual process – I took several screenshots from the trailer and used them as reference,” said Abhiram. “The drawing was done using primarily a black ballpoint pen, but a black marker was also used for solid black areas, and all the blood was done with a red gel pen. A slight touch of blue ballpoint pen is also seen – on the guy with the chainsaw.

After completing the drawing, I scanned it in and then adjusted the contrast in Photoshop Elements. I also overlaid two paper textures (bashcorpo’s texture 5 and 6 – these two are favourites of mine and I’ve used them very often), and then added the logo and the text.

Fede Alvarez directs the new Evil Dead that will swallow your soul on April 12, 2013.




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