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‘Hellblazer’ To End And Constantine Comes To The DCU!

Vertigo’s longest running title, Hellblazer, starring John Constantine is coming to a close with issue #300 this February. AP reports that Peter Milligan will write the final issue and it will feature art from iuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini. With the end of the title, Robert Venditti and Renato Guedes will be launching “Constantine”, a new series for the anti-hero that will take place in the New 52 Universe. Natrually, the title will begin to feature crossovers with some of the more popular DC characters.

John Constantine has been featured in the DCU since the start of the relaunch in the pages of “Justice League Dark”. In an interview with AP, Venditti said, “He’s going to be the same age that he is in Justice League Dark and the same character that people know and recognize – the drinking and smoking, the con man aspect of him – that’s going to be very much part of the series.”

“I like the idea of him being so layered. There’s always machinations going on underneath with Constantine and that’s what makes him such an enjoyable character to read and write,” said Venditti. “The mission is very much the same,” he continued. “While I’m aware of all the rich history, I can’t look at it from ‘How am I going to compete with that?’ I am going to come to the book and tell the best stories that I can.”

No launch date has been announced for the new title, but I imagine it will follow quickly after the #300 issue.



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