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You Can Donate To AuroraRise For A Chance To Be On The Cover Of ‘Enormous’!

Tim Daniel has been a busy man following the success of his hit, oversized monster book, Enormous. The series is set to return next fall as an ongoing series with a new publisher, plus the series has been slated for a film project headed-up by Trollhunter director Andre Orvedal.

In the midst of all his comic work, Daniel has become heavily involved with AuroraRise, the Colorado shooting victim’s foundation that is raising funds to support those affected by medical bills and mental health care assistance. Tim Daniel and the “Enormous” team are doing all they can to help out and have come up with a sweet fundraiser. If you donate $5 to AuroraRise, you have the chance to be depicted on the cover of “Enormous” issue #5’ cover. 2 winners (male/female) will be selected and announced on 01/01/2013. Details and promo art below.



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