Destiny Potato's Awesome Mashup Including TesseracT And James LaBrie - Bloody Disgusting
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Destiny Potato’s Awesome Mashup Including TesseracT And James LaBrie



Since the signing of Destiny Potato to Century Media Records, I’ve been incredibly curious to hear what kind of music they’d release. While there is no album out yet, the band did release a single entitled “Dark Side Of You” (which you can download from the Carnival Of Sounds Vol. II sampler pack here) that I kinda love. Scratch that. I REALLY love it.

So, whilst scouring YouTube to see if I could find some more music from them, I stumbled across a mashup video they put together (I can’t believe I missed it). In it, the band presents two separate tracks, one that features a brief snippet of their song “The Wheel” that bleeds into TesseracT‘s “Origin” while the other begins with James LaBrie‘s “Euphoric” that shifts into their own “Lost Dream”. I’ve watched it several times now and I’m still not even remotely tired of hearing it. Check it out below.

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