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‘Dead Space 3’, Now With More Hallucinations

A crazy awesome feature announced in Dead Space 3 is what I like to call the hallucination system. Newcomer John Carver joins Issac and is experiencing his first bouts of hallucinating. SPACE MADNESS! And the cool thing about the co-op is that Issac won’t be seeing all the things John is seeing due to his space madness. So each player will get a totally different experience. You can see all that goodness in the video past the break. You can also get a lot of your co-op fears, Lost Planet fears and more crushed and stomped out with some reassurance that the Dead Space series will always be aiming to make you shit out your spine. (Trademark Adam Dodd). Dead Space 3 released February 5th on the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.



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