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[TV] Next On “American Horror Story: Asylum” Episode 2.6, “The Origins of Monstrosity”

FX concluded their American Horror Story: Asylum “Anne Frank” two-parter this evening and will move on to more Bloody Face next week!

We’ve just now added the promo for Episode 2×06 “The Origins of Monstrosity”, which will air November 21st. I really need to catch up with this season. It’s beginning to look pretty nuts in a good way.

In the episode, “An enigmatic little girl is forsaken at the asylum. The Monsignor makes a Faustian deal with Dr. Arden. The genesis of Bloody Face is disclosed.[15] ” Written by Ryan Murphy; directed by David Semel.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Head inside for the teaser!



  • GhettoWerewolf

    Pretty damn good episode tonight. By far the best this season as of now. Btw, did anyone else notice the obvious Ed Gein influences?

    • GhettoWerewolf

      Something else I just noticed with a second viewing was the, whether it was intentional or not, shoutout to The Shining with the way this episode ended.

  • Scream1210

    This is HANDS DOWN THE BEST SHOW ON RIGHT NOW. Now don’t get me wrong I love Walking Dead but this show KICKS IT’S ASS! This season is amazing and completely more shocking and disturbing than season 1, and I like many others was worried this season would be tamer than the 1st season. We where wrong, AHS Asylum is completely horrifying. It will get under your skin and stay their. It’s a WONDERFULLY TWISTED NIGHTMARISH SPECTACLE! It is the most terrifying psychological horror I have ever seen! The acting is the best on television right now and Jessica Lange is amazing! I hope she will be in every season. If you watched tonights episode you know a who the elusive “Bloody Face” is and I’m sure you are as shocked as I am. This season is amazing and will only get better. If you love horror, YOU CAN NOT MISS IT!!! BEST SHOW EVER!!! A+

  • Goliath-Slasher

    I love the Ed Gein influence for Bloody Face….it had me jumping up and down giddy as all hell that they did that! The skull bowl and skin lamp shades….jesus I was totally blown away with that development. I loved last season with the blackdahlia but this is so much better and intense! I love this season..I didnt think they could out do the first season, but they have and I love it! I hope they do an other season because this is truly an amazing show totally deserving of recognition! Thank god for it! They are bringing horror back in a way movies as of late have failed to.

    • GhettoWerewolf

      As soon as I saw the shades and the bowl, I was holding my hand over my mouth, saying, “Oh no.” My girlfriend looked at me and asked what was wrong, and I just hushed her, telling her to wait a minute. Lol

  • Aaron Emery

    Great episode! The camera work in the opening scene was pretty awesome. I love that there is more and more depth added to each character every week. I’m really loving this season.

    • GhettoWerewolf

      I also loved the camera work in the opening scene. I would also have to say that I enjoyed that they used the actor who played Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad, although I unfortunately can’t remember his name, in this scene. It was an altogether good episode.

  • joesey

    omgwow! They totally outdid themselves last night! It was fucken crazy and creepy as hell!!!poor anne frank though, i mean if she is anne frank

  • KeepDoubting

    Best episode of the season by far! Although it does seem to get better every week.

  • Nothing333

    Brilliant episode. Great season so far. The greatest thing about the show is every year is a new self contained story. So if one didn’t like one year the next may be more to your liking. Personally both seasons have been great for me thus far.

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