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[TV] “American Horror Story” Renewed For Season 3! Jessica Lange To Return! What Should It Be Called?

Considering how well American Horror Story: Asylum,” is performing, and how enthusiastic the response has been from fans, it should come as no surprise that it’s been renewed for a third season. It should also come as no surprise that Jessica Lange will be back. In fact, I’d imagine that at least a few members of the ensemble will be returning seeing as many of them bridged the gap from Season 1 to “Asylum” already. Production of the untitled new cycle of AHS will begin next summer and premiere in the fall of 2013.

The first season of “American Horror Story” earned 17 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, tying for the most of any program this year and setting a record for the most Emmy nominations for a miniseries in basic cable history. Do you think the current season has a similar shot at glory?

Now here’s where we begin the guessing game. Where do you think the next season will take place? What location and time period? Who else should return? Since it will be an all-new plot again, what do you think the new season should be called? “American Horror Story: ???”



  • K-Dogg

    An arctic outpost perhaps???

  • snotboy21

    It should take place in the 80’s in the deep south at a large apartment complex or trailer park. American Horror Story: The Complex or American Horror Story: The Lot.

    • Mr.Mirage

      I would love to see a combination of these two… someone buys the trailer park and razes it to put up an apartment complex. Kind of a burial ground, if you will. For giggles n shits, I’d have the original complex built where a witch trial had taken place… just to make the other monsters happy… and run it over two seasons instead of just one.

      Jessica Lange has had the courage to show some mileage on her face, and damned if she isn’t still one of the hottest things on two feet. If they can work in Quinto, I’d be happy… or for that matter, pretty much the entire cast of the first two seasons (acting on television… good acting… in a well written horror story… my mind reels at every episode).

      James Cromwell being persecuted by Dylan McDermott, Lily Rabe as the witch that is causing the issues… Jessica Lange as the owner of the land in the 70’s… Quinto as the man that ran the trailer park (aging over the decades, but maybe not as much as anyone else would)…

      Sigh… who cares? Just finish this one and bring on the next course!

  • pumkinheadfan

    I’d go for either American Horror Story:Plantation(Southern Plantation in the 1800’s leading into the Civil War)or American Horror Story: Salem(have it revolving around the courthouse where the Salem Witch Trials were held) and they could set the “modern” parts in the 70’s or 80’s.

    • ThunderDragoon

      I would LOVE to see AHS: Salem! That’s an awesome idea.

    • TRS66

      American Horror Story: Salem would be amazing!!!

      • djblack1313

        count me in too for AMERICAN HORROR STORY:SALEM guy!

    • Scream1210

      AMERICAN HORROR STORY: SALEM is an awesome idea! I can see it now

  • FreddyKrueger13

    I bet it will be in the future or something

  • Zombie-Killa

    Great news! I’m loving this season so far, and I’m already looking forward to 3!

    Glad to See Jessica Lange return, can’t picture any AHS series without her!

  • Red_QuEeN

    @pumpkinheadfan. I love both your idea. I’m rooting for Salem, witches don’t get as much action as they deserve.

  • Joe-Banger

    GOD I loved last nights episode! Caant realy think of a new concept idea for season 3 right at this moment. It will come to me. I like that Salem witch hunt idea alot!

  • Great news. This season has been great so far, and I love some Jessica Lange. Not sure where I’d want it to go.

  • GhettoWerewolf

    I think Louisiana would be a cool setting. That place is just creepy all on it’s own. I also liked the arctic outpost idea.

  • numberthirty

    I can’t help but think that it will bridge the chronological gap between where season two leaves off and season one starts.

  • Benatar01

    Colonial Days or Old London(Dickens Era).

  • TRS66

    Please for the love of God somebody make American Horror Story: Salem happen!!!!

  • weresmurf

    I’d be surprised if that happens. They declared between the 2 seasons that every season is ‘a different universe’ and unattached to each other. Essentially no carrying over except actors.

    Personally however I’d love if in the final season? Things were sort of mishmashed into one giant horror season. The anti-christ from season 1, Bloodyface from 2 etc etc. Where all the seasons realities end up colliding maybe?

  • pyrepunk

    American Horror Story: Salem seems like a really good idea 🙂 It’d also be pretty cool if they did a campy crystal lake style season set in the early 70’s and they could mix a lot of different lore up from the woods type surrounding serial killers, bigfoot, lake monster, etc…. seems cool plus campy fits the show because of the eroticism of the shows theme.

  • GQSioux

    I already posted this on their Facebook, but I think AMERICAN HORROR STORY:FRONTIERS would be a great title. Old west style or Colonial period horror would be awesome.

  • Scream1210

    YES! BEST NEWS I HAVE HEARD ALL WEEK! I knew there would be a season 3 but it’s so good to final have it confirmed. AHS Asylum is amazing! Best show on tv!!! And AMERICAN HORROR STORY: SALEM sounds like an awesome idea!

  • Erebus Dirge

    American Horror Story – Bad Blood Bayou. Following the history of a cursed family who used to be plantation owners, sadists they tortured the slaves sometimes to death for sexual thrills. Until one time they aquired the wrong slave who had the power of Voodoo,she cursed them all with her last dying breath to live forever but to rot as their land would do, overtime they become even more insane and evil. The matraiach ( Lang) found that in order to break the curse they must need the untainted blood of their own family and that of the one who cursed them, taking both to the now swamp land that was once a fertile plantation and spill their blood there. Now after centuries things are begining to come together, with an escaped prisoner who is the ascendant of the Voodoo priest using the swamps for cover and the man and his crew chasing him who is a distant relative of the cursed family.

    • evilfairydust

      You should Google Madame LaLaurie. She had a house in the French Quarter, and she tortured slaves up in her attic. I won’t tell you the whole story, but she fled after one incident and they never found her….

      Would love it if someone would make a show/movie out of that!

  • evilfairydust

    I’m just not feeling this season (only watched 2 episodes…the rest are on the DVR) so I’m looking forward to next season! That’s the great thing about this show. If you’re not lovin’ the current season, just wait for the next and it’ll be different. :o)

  • Redonkulous

    Seasons 1&2 for me seem to take a basic fear and expand and twist it into a full season centered around a place.

    Season 1 was about household horror; ghosts, dark corners, creepy basements, home invasions etc.
    Season 2 is sanity; psychos, hospitals/doctors, good/evil, not knowing whats real or fake, etc.

    I would LOVE to see AHS’s take on the ‘campers in the woods’ scenario so I propose American Horror Story: Roanoke. The place in this season being a part of the woods that a group of people just cant seem to get out of (Evil Dead meets Yellow Brick Road maybe??)
    Take a group of friends going camping and take whatever elements of the genre you want. Crazy backwoods family (with Jessica Lange as the families matriarch? :D), animal attacks, lost and alone, injured with no help in sight, walking in circles, etc.

    And for those who might think that an entire season in the woods would be boring, there’s always room for cabins, bunkers, ruins, or whatever locations might have to do with whatever is keeping the cast from finding their way back to civilization.

  • Lady-M

    I am ALL for AHS: Salem! “I saw Goody Lange dancing with the devil in the woods!” But…I’d also been interested in a colonial spin, too. Like, a horror story surrounding the construction of the US Capital Building or the White House. (I’m fairly certain I’ve read that there were many obstacles and problems with the construction of both; I believe the US Capital even burned down at one point?) Or even…the original colonists? An early settlement plagued with gory and unexplained deaths, which leads to speculation of dark magic and spells, and provokes even more fear from the settlers of the native americans? I mean, SERIOUSLY! The possibilities are pretty limitless. The Gold Rush, The Civil War, The Industrial Period (late 1800’s-early 1900’s) – HELL! The Triangle Building in New York!, Prohibition (speak-easys, mobsters, and monsters; oh, my!), etc. No matter WHAT direction the writers decide to trailblaze, I have no doubt they will do so, flawlessly. I’m a little worried that my therapy bills will skyrocket as a result, but…there IS always Ramen. And seriously, the empty wallet and high blood-pressure would be worth it.

  • twisted

    I would like to see AHS take place in a funeral home. All sorts of shadiness with the owners and clients would be fun. Call it AHS Unhallowed Ground.

  • purrrrr

    Lots of great ideas going on here….I’m just thrilled it’s getting the support it needs to bring it back! I like both seasons thuse far for very different reasons. Love Cromwell and Lange, and would like Franke Potente to come back again too. We’ll be waiting!!

  • romeostruedude

    We have been to the West to see the Harmon residence and to the East for a stay at the asylum. Now? LET’S GO SOUTH! From it’s swampy backdrop to it’s plantation housings, Evils of all kinds of live within this gloomy southern state. Voodoo, witches, and horror. Oh my. Louisiana can seriously…put a spell on you or what?

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