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Coheed And Cambria Release Video For “The Afterman”

So, Coheed And Cambria have released a video for “The Afterman”, which comes off their latest album The Afterman: Ascension (iTunes). In it, a beautiful woman in a lovely summer dress watches a space shuttle launch only to see the shuttle explode, a lá Challenger. Afterwords, she rows out in a little dinghy to pick up one of the astronauts who, miraculously, was wearing a parachute and managed to escape the fireball unscathed.

Once in the boat, does the astronaut frantically row towards the wreckage, hoping to find more survivors? Does this nameless woman row him to shore for medical attention? Nope. They make out, cuddle and stare off into the sunset while enjoying the rollicking motion of the waves. Oh, and then he tucks her in and sinks into the ocean (spoiler alert: he’s actually Aquaman). Kudos to you two for being wholly inappropriate.

Check out the video below.

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  • ElijahKilgannon

    In the context of the story, this song is about Meri Amory hearing word of her husband, Sirius Amory, dying after his ship explodes in space. I think him sinking into the water after he tucks her in shows that she never really found him in the wreckage, that it was just her trying to comfort herself from the thought that he actually did die. Albeit, without reading into it, you don’t get that much from the video.

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