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‘Akira’ Writer Tackles ‘The Strange Case of Hyde’

Screenwriter Albert Torres has come on board to re-write the script for feature film adaptation of the Dark Horse graphic novel, The Strange Case of Hyde, one of his representatives has told TheWrap.

The film is based on the graphic novel of the same name, which was written by Cole Haddon and published in 2011.

“The Strange Case of Hyde” follow Dr. Jekyll, after he is allegedly rehabilitated, and released from prison to help hunt a new monster who appears to be using an improved version of the infamous Hyde serum.

The film is being produced by Dark Horse Entertainment, Skydance Productions and the Mark Gordon Company.

The now classic characters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde first appeared in a novella by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886.

Torres came on board recently to re-write the script for Akira for Appian Way.



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  • KidNickles

    Someone needs to shoot that sorry excuse for a person in his fucking face…NO ONE deserves to try and write a live adaptation for Akira…ALL of the people who have tried to do it so far have done nothing but a SORRY job…I hope that movies is NEVER made, and the retarded stupid puke fuckers at WB need to let it sit in a graveyard and that their rights to Akira die off…I have been FILLED with rage and hatred ever since I found out about the adaptation of it, and if the anime version of Akira is so horrible and so far off from the ORIGINAL story, what makes ANYONE think that who ever they find that is stupid enough to try and do this is actually going to do the WRITTEN and FIRST version of one of the greatest stories EVER told any justice? People need to leave Akira ALONE…

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