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Yep! It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, which means dutiful consumers are already preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season. If you think you’re exempt from that, think again. Either you know a fellow horror fan (or family member) in need, or you want something for yourself! You can take this as advice for what to buy, or what to ask for.

Today we’re doing the MEGA list, which is all four of our lists combined into one handy guide. A huge thanks to my fellow BD chums Jonathan Barkan, David Harley, Lonnie Nadler and Adam Dodd for shooting me some of their suggestions. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, we’ve got shortcuts below.


Head inside for the MEGA list!


Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Limited Edition)Blu-ray

List Price: $299.98 (currently $149.99 on Amazon)

There are several editions of this floating around, but I think the US edition is actually the safer bet. The UK edition is a bit cheaper, and is region-free, but there are apparently some glitches. And Amazon’s current deal of about 50% off is pretty healthy! Apparently the transfers of Marnie and Family Plot aren’t all that great, but everything else is fairly spot-on. Psycho, The Birds, Rear Window, Vertigo and North by Northwest are among the 15 films included. This is also the rare gift that’s sure to please not only horror fans, but film aficionados in general. It’s a safe but compelling gift. A sure thing.

Order here.

Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential CollectionBlu-ray

List Price: $159.98 (currently $128.00 on Amazon)

Also a safe gift for any horror-hound. Even if the folks on your holiday list only like “new” horror or movies presented “in color”, this is the perfect opportunity to buy them something that will force them to acknowledge the greatness of the classics. Most people would be thrilled to get this box, but it’s the ones who might scoff at it that need it the most. Make someone’s day or make someone’s life better by educating them. This one serves both purposes.

Order here.

Walking Dead: Season 2 Collector’s EditionBlu-ray Head Set

List Price: $99.00 (currently $64.98 on Amazon)

A big fat “duh” for any zombie fan who’s been nice to you this year. Even though the current 3rd season is heads and tails better than this, it’s still a great “catch-up” gift. And you can’t go wrong with this zombie head edition.

Order here.

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s SetBlu-ray

List Price: $64.99 (currently $49.99 on Amazon)

Not horror, but a landmark genre film. This 30th Anniversary edition manages to expand impressively upon the previous gold-standard-bearing 25th Anniversary edition. This year Prometheus introduced a new generation to the sci-fi stylings of Ridley Scott. If you know someone who showed a keen interest in that vision, you could do worse than picking this up for them and furthering their knowledge of his universe.

Order here.

American Horror Story: Season 1Blu-ray

List Price $59.99 (currently $39.50 on Amazon)

One of the great things about “American Horror Story” is that you don’t have to watch the seasons sequentially. There are plenty of people out there watching the current “Asylum” incarnation of the series who haven’t seen the first year of the program. Be their hero with this box set (or treat yourself).

Order here.

Game Of Thrones: The Complete First SeasonBlu-ray

List Price: $79.98 (currently $45.99 on Amazon)

We don’t cover this show a lot on Bloody-Disgusting but it’s amazing. And it certainly has a lot of horror elements, what with its surreal white-walkers interspersed among its more “real world” violence. Did I mention violence? This show has it in spades. Sex? Roughly four to five times more sex than your average slasher film. Compelling characters? Absolutely. This is one of those shows I thought I would hate, instead I’m counting the days until Season 3 (Season 2 hits Blu in Feb).

Order here.


List Price: $29.98 (currently $13.99 on Amazon)

Probably the most essential of the non-box-set Blu releases of this year. What could be more important than owning one of the best horror films of all time – one of the best films of all time, period – on a Blu-ray that utterly revolutionizes they way you see the film. This is an astounding transfer. I’ve seen Jaws at least 50 times but I’ve never seen it like this. You know how sometimes people say something like that, and then you check it out to find that the difference is almost imperceivable? This isn’t the case here. It really is NIGHT AND DAY different.

Order here.

The Cabin In The Woods – Blu-ray

List Price: $39.99 (currently $19.99 on Amazon)

The best studio horror film of the year gets a great Blu release. It’s also a perfect gift because, while it wasn’t a huge hit, it still has inherent mass appeal. It’s funny, entertaining, smart, violent and has great characters. The bonus features on this disc aren’t exactly slouches either, the highlight being the Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon commentary track. A can’t miss.

Order here.

Alien AnthologyBlu-ray

List Price: $69.99 (currently $19.99 on Amazon)

No, this didn’t come out this year. But, again, Prometheus did. In addition to Blade Runner, owning Alien is essential to any new Ridley Scott convert. Bonus? You also get James Cameron’s arguably superior Aliens, David Fincher’s interesting Alien 3 and the truly abysmal Alien: Resurrection. You also get probably the best bonus features I’ve ever seen in the form of the epic supplemental documentaries. Plus, there’s two different versions of each movie. Also – look at that price tag!

Order here.

Dexter: The Sixth SeasonBlu-ray

List Price: $65.99 (currently $41.93 on Amazon)

I actually hated the Sixth Season of “Dexter”, but you’re not buying this for me! Basically, if you know a “Dexter” fan – this exists!

Order here.

Rosemary’s BabyThe Criterion Collection Blu-ray

List Price: $39.95 (currently $29.99 on Amazon)

I wish I had this one already, why don’t I? Roman Polanski’s terrifying (and terrifyingly funny) pregnancy horror is a true classic that has been lovingly restored by the cineastes over at Criterion. In addition to remastered picture and sound, the disc also contains a new documentary featuring interviews with Polanski, actress Mia Farrow, and producer Robert Evans.

Order here.

Halloween III: The Season Of The WitchShout Factory Blu-ray

List Price: $29.93 (currently $23.70 on Amazon)

Rekindle someone’s nostalgia with this underrated and misunderstood (and gloriously mean) “sequel.” The result of a desire to spin the Halloween brand off into an entity that wouldn’t rely on the character of Michael Myers to survive. This glorious reissue contains two audio commentaries, a making-of documentary a still gallery and much more. Show a horror fan you know what’s up when they find this in their stocking.

Order here.


…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadLost Songs

List Price: $9.99

Sure, these Austin mainstays have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. From the highs of “Madonna” and “Source Tags And Codes” to the middle-ground of “Worlds Apart” (which almost falls apart after the stellar “Will You Smile Again For Me”) to the low of “So Divided”.

But the brand-new “Lost Songs” is easily their best album since “Source Tags” a decade ago. It also happens to be their most aggressive and intense work since then, eschewing the floaty concept trappings of last year’s “Tao Of The Dead” in favor of pummeling force. This album is powerful, inspiring, tuneful and uncompromising. If you checked out on Trail Of Dead 7 years ago, now’s the time to check back in.

Order here.

DeftonesKoi No Yokan (review).

List Price: $10.99

Yeah, it might’ve just been released, but the band knocked it out of the park with this one. Definitely well worth every penny and probably a few more”. – JB

Order here.

Coheed And CambriaThe Afterman: Ascension

List Price: $11.99

David Harley suggested this and I’m glad he did. After taking a listen it appears to be an insanely effective return for the band. Coheed And Cambria have often kept me at arms length with some of their more namby-pamby constructs, but “The Afterman” nicely rolls up many elements. elements that were disparate on previous works, into a nicely cohesive whole here.

Order here.

The GatheringDisclosure

List Price: $14.59 (On Amazon – not avail on iTunes)

I didn’t review this album and I’m regretting it ever since. If you’re looking for a mix of industrial, ambient, electronica, rock, and tinges of metal (just tinges), this is a fantastic release that is well worth keeping on your radar. Check out “Paper Waves” or “Heroes For Ghosts” for good examples“. -JB

Order here.

Crystal CastlesIII

List Price: $9.99

I love this album. While it’s not at all metal – in fact it’s kind of dancey – it has an irresistibly dark undercurrent. While this might be the most accessible release in their catalogue, it’s still fairly challenging stuff. It’s not the kind of thing you listen to once – you have to put in the work. Like a lot of the noise rock from 20 years ago, it’s up to you to pay attention and find the beauty in the chaos. And once you do find it – you won’t stop listening. Also recommended? Their insanely intense live shows. Super loud, lots of strobes – you won’t know what hit you. Unless you’re epileptic, in which case the doctor will tell you when you wake up in the ER.

Order here.

BaronessYellow & Green (review)

List Price: $13.99 (Double Album)

While I don’t think this album will make my Top of the Year list, it’s still a fantastic album with songs that grow on me more and more with each listen. “March To The Sea” has this joyous feel to it that is incredibly infectious while “Eula” is one hell of an emotional roller coaster.” – JB

Order here.

Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness – Reissue

List Price: $133.58

Yes, that list price above is correct – though I suspect you’ll see it reduced in the coming days. I’m also linking to the physical product here, because when you’re getting something this intense – you (or whomever it’s intended for) are already a giant fan. This album has grown on me throughout the years, and I really can’t wait to hear the remaster job. I was never 100% satisfied with the way the old discs sounded.

So what else are you paying for? Six discs of stuff housed in a 12 x 12 lift-top box with magnetic closure, reimagined cover art and velvet-lined disc holder. Sixty four bonus tracks and a DVD of one of their best shows of the era (Brixton Academy 1995). Two books. I mean, yeah, it’s a splurge. But if you know a Pumpkins nut this will make their year.

Order here. It ships on December 4th.

The ElkclonerThe Elkcloner (review).

List Price: $9.99

This is probably the odd album out of my recommendations. Not one track on this album sounds like any of the others, yet there is this fascinating sense of continuation throughout. This would be the perfect gift for the music enthusiast in your life.” – JB

Order here.

Silent Hill: RevelationOST (review).

List Price: $9.99

Last year I recommended the Metallica & Lou Reed album Lulu as a great coaster for that person who ALWAYS puts their drink on your lovely wood table. This year, that honor goes to this album. A disjointed, disappointing soundtrack to a disjointed, ÜBER disappointing movie, there isn’t really anything else I’d recommend this album for.” – JB

Order here.

The SwordApocryphon

List Price: $9.99

I’m not going to pretend to be overly familiar with The Sword’s back catalogue. I’ve heard much of it in a casual capacity but have never really had a chance to let it sink in. But, on first glance, “Apocryphon” rocks profoundly hard. If you know a fan, you can’t go wrong here. Unless they already have it of course.

Order here.

Bat For LashesThe Haunted Man

List Price: $9.99

From Barkan’s review, “Each song is a new area to explore, full of rich possibilities that cater to and encourage the imagination. It can also be described as a phantasmagoric, labyrinthine experience, where rays of light and hope are sprinkled throughout.

Order here.


The Walking Dead – Telltale Games (XBox, Playstation 3 & PC)

List Price: $29.99/$24.99 (PC) – Ships December 4th Order Here.

This could very well be my pick for Game of the Year, because it’s just that good. Seriously, if you’re a fan of the undead hordes or are looking for some of the most solid storytelling seen in a video game this generation, you owe it to yourself to play Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead.” – AD

Halo 4 – Microsoft – (XBox)

List Price: $59.99 Order Here.

If you’ve got someone on your list who always wants the newest and biggest things out there, ‘Halo 4’ may be the way you want to go! Be forewarned, it apparently made Mr. Disgusting hugely dizzy the other night – must be intense! I can’t wait to play this myself!

Walking Dead – Well Zombie – McFarlane Toys

List Price: $18.90 Order Here.

One of the more memorable zombies from “The Walking Dead” universe is brought to detailed life in this beautifully rendered piece.

Walking Dead – RV Zombie – McFarlane Toys

List Price: $17.24 Order Here.

While not as striking as the “Well Zombie”, it makes a nice companion piece. If you’ve got an extra 20 bucks unhand after buying the guy above – and your target recipient is a “Walking Dead” fan – these two might make good bookends for the Omnibus Volumes he/she undoubtedly has.

Dishonored – Bethesda (XBox, Playstation 3 & PC)

List Price: $59.99 Order Here.

I gave this game an Editor’s Choice award because it successfully mixes elements of Half-Life, BioShock, and Thief into a gorgeous, heavily Steampunk-inspired action game. It’s fun, looks great, and if you’re the type of gamer who likes to wring every last drop of content out of the games you play, then you’ll love the rich back story that can be gleaned through the many books and audio recordings sprinkled throughout its beautifully realized environments.” – AD

Diablo III – Blizzard Entertainment (PC/Mac)

List Price: $53.54 Order Here.

I haven’t played ‘Diablo III’, but it comes highly recommended for serious PC gamers. After a decade away, the Diablo franchise is back and apparently better than ever.

Resident Evil 6 – Capcom (XBox & Playstation 3)

List Price: $59.99 (currently $39.99) Order Here.

Ignore the haters, this game is amazing. It’s flawed and deliciously cheesy, but if you enjoyed Resident Evil 4 and 5, this is essentially (a lot) more of what made those games so special. With four campaigns (all four will have co-op soon, right now only three can be played with a friend), a return of the crazy addictive Mercenaries mode, and a genuinely fun new Agent Hunt mode, this is the Resident Evil game that offers the biggest bang for your buck.” – AD

Regular Jason and Battle Damaged Jason – NECA Toys

List Price: $21.39 Each Order Here and Here.

The meat and potatoes of horror figurines, Regular and Battle Damaged Jason. Sure, you could get one of them if you wanted to – but they really belong side-by-side if you want to do justice to Friday The 13th: Part 3. These Series 1 installments of NECA’s line will surely tide over any fan until their Series 2 likeness of The Final Chapter Jason hits the market.

Prometheus Engineer (With And Without Suit) – NECA Toys

List Price: $44.95 Order Here.

This is just the beginning of the Prometheus goodies NECA has planned, and so far, they;re the only ones available right now. But it’s a good place to start! The “Space Jockey” suit should bring back Alien nostalgia while the unadorned Engineer will remind you (or whatever fan you’re buying this for) of Ridley Scott’s bold new vision.

ZombiU – Ubisoft (Nintendo Wii U)

List Price: $59.96 Order Here.

If you’re lucky enough to have gotten your hands on a Wii U, then I hope you already own this game. I haven’t played it yet, but it’s been described to me as an FPS Demon’s Souls. If that doesn’t send a delightful tingling sensation straight to your nether regions, you may be a zombie.” -AD

Evil Dead 2 (Hero Ash & Henrietta) – NECA Toys

List Price: $37.48 Order Here.

Hell yes! I actually might get these for the Evil Dead 2 nuts in my life. How satisfying would it be to have Ash on one side of your desk, blasting away at Henrietta on the other side?

Dream Warriors Freddy and Dream Child Freddy – NECA Toys

List Price: $17.99 Each Order Here and Here.

While the Freddy from Dream Warriors is a must-buy (the claymation marionette is a great touch), the true test of fandom will come when you unveil Dream Child Freddy for your recipient. If they can’t properly guess the installment, you get to keep both figurines guilt-free!

Electric Zombie Shirts

List Price: Various (around $20) Order Here.

They don’t just have Ash of course. They’ve also got Jason, The Cryptkeeper and a sh*tload of original designs! Head over there to check it out!

Chestburster T-Shirt – Fingerfunk

List Price: $29.99 Order Here.

As featured in a Random Cool a few months back, this shirt works with an iPhone App to literally make it look like an Alien is bursting out of your chest!! I actually thought it would be more expensive than $30, and it’s certainly worth it. If you get this for someone, make sure they open it first so they can be a source of entertainment while everyone else is still unwrapping their presents.

Never Sleep Alone Duvet Cover

List Price: $154.43 Order Here.

If you have a significant other, you might want to run this by them before picking it up for yourself. My advice? Buy it for your single friend. If they bring anyone back home, and he/she doesn’t run for the hills, they just may have found their soul mate!

Old Colony Hobbies – Various Figures

List Price: Various ($6.95 – $59.95) Order Here.

These guys vary in price and they’re not official – they’re sort of bootleg figurines. That being said, they’re pretty amazing. Definitely head to this guy’s Ebay story to see if you can find the perfect retro stocking stuffer!

Zombie Toss – Flying Wisdom Studios (iOS and Android App)

List Price: FREE! Order Here.

Broke? Have too many people on your “nice” list? Want to show a zombie lover you care without picking an overdraft fee? Click the link below and select the “gift” option to send them “Zombie Toss!” It’s free (and fun)! A nice, “it’s the thought that counts” type of gift.


The Cabin In The Woods: Official Visual Companion – Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard

List Price: $19.95 Order Here.

Fans of The Cabin In The Woods tend to be inquisitive types, they want to know more. This book is the perfect gift for them seeing as it contains the film’s screenplay along with a healthy host of detail specific images from and relating to the film.

The Walking Dead: Compendium Two – Image Comics

List Price: $59.99 Order Here.

Collects issues #49–96 of Robert Kirkman’s hit comic The Walking Dead. It’s an absolutely massive book that’s over 1000 pages of zombie drama goodness.” – LN

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History Of Friday The 13th – Enhanced Edition E-Book – Peter M. Bracke

List Price: $13.00 Order Here.

I know I included the hardcover edition of this on the list last year, but this ebook version was recently released. What’s the difference? For starters, the electronic version contains a TON of video interviews. What else is in here that wasn’t in the original printed work? Additional storyboards, call-sheets, soundtrack snippets, trailers and more. Taking up 1.2GB of space, this thing is MASSIVE.

Sandman Slipcase Set – Neil Gaiman – Vertigo Comics

List Price: $199.99 Order Here.

All ten trades of Neil Gaiman’s inimitable horror series is collected in a special edition slipcase set from Vertigo Comics. Whether you’re into comics or not, this is a series that every horror fan should read. With the approaching prequel series coming out next year, Sandman Zero, this is bound to be a hot item this year. All books are the newest softcover printings.” – LN

Fatale Vol. 1 and 2 – Image Comics

List Price: $14.99 Order Here.

It was only a matter of time before someone combined the classic crime genre with horror. Ed Brubaker, one of comics best crime writers, dives into a world of lies, deceit, murder, and monsters. The story spans across decades, and weaves a wonderfully dark tale of mystery with one of the most alluringly dangerous femme fatale’s you could imagine.” – LN

I, Vampire Vol. 1: Tainted Love – DC Comics

List Price: $14.99 Order Here.

I, Vampire has been flying under the radar for far too long. It takes vampires back to their roots, from a writer who knows bloodsuckers like nobody else. Damned vampire romance, vampire armies, Batman, and enough plot twists to make your nipples hurt, I, Vampire is a must read. ” – LN

Chew Volume 5: Major League Chew – John Layman & Rob Guillory

List Price: $12.99 Order Here.

If you took our advice last year and bought “Volume 4”, chances are you’re going to want to pick this guy up (unless, of course, you already have).

The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead – Christian Sellers and Gary Smart

List Price: $24.95 Order Here.
This was on the list last year, but was a relatively new release and it’s hard to overstate what a joy it is. Prepare ahead though! The ship time is slow! If you want it by the end of December you gotta act soon.

Mars Attacks Mystery Box Set – IDW Limited

List Price: $99.99 (limited quantities) Order Here.

Ack! Ack! IDW Limited has put together a sweet box set for you Martian lovers. The box set offers up graded comics, trade paperbacks, and variant covers from both the ne and classic Mars Attacks comic series. The books all come packaged and graded. ” -LN

Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft Special Edition – Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

List Price: $100.00 (limited quantities) Order Here.

Joe Hill’s Locke & Key is one of the most original and gripping horror stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across, in any medium. IDW Limited has put together a wicked oversized edition of volume 1 so you can fully enjoy Gabriel Rodriguez’s art. The Special Edition also contains Joe Hill’s complete scripts.” – LN

Feral – Matt Serafini

List Price: $12.95 Order Here.

To my great chagrin, I haven’t had a chance to read this yet. But it comes highly recommended by several trusted sources and, if you like werewolves, is an indie book well worth supporting.

Animal Man Vol. 1 and Swamp Thing Vol. 1 – DC Comics

List Price: $14.99 Each Order Here and Here.

I put these two together because if you like one, you’ll like the other. The books also run along the same timeline, ultimately colliding in a massive crossover in later issues. Animal Man may sound like a lame hero, but this book from Jeff Lemire combines the horror and super hero genres like nothing else in modern comics. Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing on the other hand is a grotesque page-turner, packed with stellar art.” – LN

Severed – Image Comics

List Price: $24.99 Order Here.

If you’re looking for a straight up creepy-as-hell horror story, Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft’s Severed might be just what you need under the tree. It’s hard to make horror comics scary, but this one will make your skin crawl. Loosely based on the killings of Albert Fish, Served is a tale of growing up and the dangers of the outside world. If only all horror comics were this good. ” – LN




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