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Trailer For Rape-Revenge Horror ‘When Your Flesh Screams’

After premiering at Mexico’s Morbido Festival, the teaser trailer has premiered for Guillermo Martinez’s Argentinean When Your Flesh Screams (Cuando tu carne grite Basta), a new rape-revenge horror coming sometime in 2013.

The story revolves around Martina, a biology student, who after moving from her hometown to complete her studies decides to undertake an excursion to the outskirts of the city in search of rare and exotic specimens for research. Not finding the specimen after a long search, she decides to rest by the roadside. At that time, her new psychotic neighbors propose to take her to the woods where they claim is the specimen that she seeks. Martina accepts the crossing naturally, but on the way the thugs kidnap her, determined to cause all sorts of sinister and gruesome acts, both physical and psychological. The story takes an unexpected turn when Martina decides to release her pent- up anger.

  • If it is as gory and violent as I imagine it to be, I am very excited to see this, indeed.

  • flesheater24

    I love rape films does that make me sick ? LOL. but I can’t watch them all the time though but sometimes I am just in a mood to watch some chicks get raped and take revenge

  • ViciousVoux

    So it’s basically like I Spit on Your Grave?

  • markajacoby

    If that was supposed to make me want to see it… What an epic fail!

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