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Behold Fair Canadians, The Wii Mini Is Coming And It’s Crazy Cheap

It’s not uncommon for a console manufacturer to release a redesigned version of their console a few years after its launch. Microsoft and Sony have reworked their home consoles with gorgeous results. It took a while for Nintendo to finally get around to redesigning the Wii — though really, the Wii never had any issues with its size — and the result is definitely… cheap. I’m not a big fan of the Wii Mini’s look, it looks too cheap and toy-like to me, nor do I understand Nintendo’s reasoning behind completely removing the console’s online functionality (perhaps they’re looking ahead, when online support for Wii games will eventually be shut down).

If you’re a fan of the Virtual Console or watching Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube on your Wii, this probably isn’t for you. It’s also a Canada exclusive, so there’s that. The console will only run you $99, bringing it pretty damn close to the PS2’s price point and a fantastic (and moderately cheap) Christmas gift. Assuming you live in Canada, of course.

The console also won’t support GameCube games, so if you want to continue to play those, you may just want to buy the Wii. The Wii Mini is set to launch in Canada on Dec 7. Releasing a redesigned Wii could potentially confuse buyers looking for the Wii U, which to many is already hard to distinguish from the Wii. Actually, fuck, now I’m confused.

Anyone interested?

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