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‘The Grey’ Director Bites Into ‘Undying Love’; ‘Elm Street’ Writer Pens ‘Story of Your Life’

FilmNation Entertainment has partnered with Lava Bear Films to finance, produce and handle worldwide sales for the sci-fi thriller Story Of Your Life, reports Dealdine. Scripted by The Thing and A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Eric Heisserer, the film will be helmed by commercials director Nic Mathieu. Based on a short story by sci-fi writer Ted Chiang, “‘Story Of Your Life’ is a mind-bending science fiction thriller with a powerful, emotional twist. After aliens land around the globe, a linguist is recruited by the U.S. government in a race to decipher their intentions on Earth.” Production will begin next year.

In other announcements, THR writes that Joe Carnahan (The Grey) is in final negotiations to direct Undying Love, a vampire action project set up at Warner Bros. Created by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman as a comic miniseries published by Image Comics, “Love” mixes up the traditional vampire lore with Chinese monster myths as well as the Hong Kong action genre. “The story centers on an ex-soldier who falls for a girl that happens to be a vampire. The only way the two can be together is if the man takes on the vampire who created her, which also means fighting an army of monsters in the Hong Kong underworld.” Alexandre Aja was previously attached to the project but has since dropped out.



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