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So Far, Nine Brave Souls Have Beaten ‘ZombiU’s’ Hardest Difficulty

As a launch title and the Wii U’s only horror game, ZombiU had some high expectations set upon it. I’ve heard mixed things about it, thought mostly of the people I’ve spoken with who have played it seem to be enjoying it. Then there are the many comparisons to Demon’s Souls I’ve heard that make me ache to get my hands on this game. For the unfamiliar, when you die in ZombiU your character, and much of their progress, goes with them. That is, unless you return to where you died to kill the zombified version of the last character you played — then you can just kill them again and take their sweet, sweet supplies.

In the normal modes, when you die, you respawn in a totally different person’s body. However, in Survival mode, when you die, it’s game over. Its developers weren’t completely sure this mode could be beaten, but it looks like it can. As of this writing, nine desperate souls have beaten Survival mode. Nine. See who they are after the break.

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